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In Cordoba there is also bad wave

We tell you the terms we use when we are ortibas or bad wave. In the land of the fernet, we also have our bad days.

How we talk

In Argentina they think that Cordobeses  are clowns 24/7.  That we're in good vibes all the time and we're a   joke maker . But no. The truth is, too, like everyone, we have our bad days. So we developed some terms for  when we're  bad  . We show you what they mean.

 1. No ball trunk 

When  we get up with the left leg ,  as the saying says , we don  't give anyone a ball trunk.  What does this mean? What, if you talk to us, we're not going to listen to you. If you call us, we're gonna  do the giles.  And we're not going to take the note for you. Basically, we're gonna  be in ours  and we're not going to give you a little attention.  We're not going to give you a ball trunk. 

 2. Malondon 

When we get up in a  bad mood,  we have no bad vibes: we have a terrible malondón. So hold on. Because we're exaggerated for everything, but the term “malondón” falls short if you cross  a   Acculated Cordovan  .  

 3. Caieie 

In Cordoba  we sent people to shut up.  But we don't do it in the traditional way. No  “shut up, please” or “silence.”  Here we say:  caieie.  And, if it is accompanied by a culiau, the more forceful is the order.  “ Caieie the tutu, culiau.”  It serves to shut someone up, but also to  discredit what they're telling you. 

Another synonym of caieie is caiate. So when they tell you some  gossip  that you suspect is a lie, or a false date, you can say  “caiate, culiau.”  You can also say it to express that  you are impressed  with what they just said. But that  “caieie”  goes with  a little  bit more of surprise.

So, you know, s i get the bad wave in Cordoba , you already have a couple of keywords that will help you express yourself. And if they don't like  what you say ,  the big phrase   “ andá sete culiá”  can serve as a wild card. But, hey!You can offend someone. This phrase is not at all friendly and is quite rude.

Publication Date: 28/08/2020

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