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Idioms: speaking in “Santafelandia”

In our country there are many idioms and ways to name different dishes and drinks in each province, and Santa Fe has its own terminology.

“Please bring me a  carlitos  and a plain” is a typical phrase that would only make sense in a confectionery in the province of  Santa Fe . In the rest of the country, they probably have no idea what is being asked for. This is because, in the country, there are different  idioms  that only apply in  specific  areas, and  Santa Fe  is no exception.

The famous so-called  carlitos  is what is known as roasted, but with ketchup, and in some cases with tomato. It is a very  popular  sandwich in cities like  Rosario , Santa Fe and Rafaela, but anywhere in the Santafecino territory a waiter will understand what he refers to in these words.

So popular and common is the  carlitos  that, in the city of Rosario, this year took place the first Regional Championship of Carlitos in the Mercado del Patio, a must-see event for  sandwich lovers.

 Brewing province 

On the other hand, Santa Fe is one of the  leading brewing  provinces along with  Córdoba , as both have many breweries of national distribution. Argentines consume an average of 45 liters of   beer   per head per year, which transforms it into the  most consumed  alcoholic beverage in our, according to a report by the organization of Cerveceros Argentinos.

In the city of Santa Fe beer is ordered as  smooth , which is served in a smooth glass (hence its name) and is  unpasteurized beer, making it lighter and without much gas. The smooth should always come cold and accompanied by some copetín.

In Rosario there are no smooth ones, but if you talk about porrón it refers to liter beer and not the glass of beer, as happens in  Buenos Aires  and other provinces.

Therefore, if you walk around Santa Fe, do not forget to order your  carlitos  with a plain. Knowing the  idioms and customs  of the place helps us to know how to order to  eat better  .

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