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We tell you the key code with which we handle the Cordobeses between us. If you don't know, you're out. How are you telling these people?

How we talk
cómo se le dice....

 Coca is pal fernet, not seai negro culiau  and, if I loved you, ite.  There are some of the slogans that we have as a  philosophy of life the  Cordobeses .  Now, knowing people  's philosophy of life  , but not knowing how they speak, is sin. So we're going to tell you how you tell  different  kinds of people.   First, so  you don't stay on your face  when you come to Cordoba. And, second, so that you will more or less understand  the dynamics of Cordovan. 

 How do you tell someone bad? Bosterazo! 

In Cordoba, there are no   yawns  :  there are bosterazos.  If it's a button and he sends you to the front with some secret. If he doesn't wait for you to go out together, if he doesn't know how to do favors and he shows you that he is  a  bad  person : you're in front of what in Cordoba we call  a bosterazo culiau.  For reasons of mental health and self-love,  we recommend that you stay away from bosterazos. 

 How do you tell a shabón? Guaso 

That's right, in Cordoba, instead of saying  “chabón” ,  we say “guaso”.  So to tell an  anecdote  out there, we can say, “  The guaso was there and he didn't even see the motorcycle  and boom coming.”  For example. Like this term is also used to say that someone is rude or guarango. So you have to contextualize to see  what they mean  if they say “look at  the guaso.”  Make sure you haven't done some rudeness.

 How do you say to a pedigueño? Bigornia 

Those who take advantage of others , are asking for money or things  all the time, we have a particular name.  Bigornia  are those friends who make  the boludos  with the account, smoke  cigarettes  and never have what they know needs. So they ask you.  Bigornia  aren't bad people, they're just pedigans... and, if we Cordobese lack scruples,  bigornia and tell you. 

Publication Date: 26/09/2020

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