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How are we today, eh?

Where does this phrase come from that we all use when we see someone's not in a good mood? We'll
How we talk
cómo estamos hoy, eh
| 19 December, 2019 |

Everything happened at the beginning of the new century, but the phrase is still on everyone’s lips. If someone is in a bad mood, obfuscated or on a bad day, there is never a lack of one who says, “ How are we today, eh?” Where did that phrase come from?

The origin has to do, first, with a theme of the Paranoic Mice that they christened like this: “ How are we today, eh? ” His handwriting said something like this:

We’re full, hard and even

that tomorrow will be the same

because last night’s old.

One more lap, one more lap, more

sure we’re going to get dizzy.

How we are today, eh.

The greatest significance, however, was It was given by a series of commercials of an aspirin that used the song curtain. In the announcements, the protagonist faced an intense day of work and social activity with the help of the pill. Advertising generated controversy because — let’s say things as they are — promoted consumption addictive. The Anmat finally lifted it because the warnings did not indicate what the medicine was for.

All this did not prevent, anyway, that the phrase should be adhered to popular speech. Even today, almost 20 years later. Younger people, perhaps, don’t even remember the commercial or the song. But it’s a phrase that comes very well when we want to point out some humor little domesticated, using the plural to show solidarity with the moment and not draw the accusing finger (say: “How are you today, eh” would be much more aggressive, right?).

As the one who doesn’t want the thing, we mention that mood altered and we leave the phrase floating in the air so that it who thinks it is correct.

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