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Why do we invent one beard just to disturb the other? Another of our gestures that have no explanation.

If nobody beats us Argentines in something, it's in  gesture . We have a repertoire of   signs   that could disorient anyone, because our body expression accompanies much of our words. And sometimes it replaces them. For example, what is it about saying   chiva   to the beard  and that, moreover, the gesture is a sign of provocation  ?

We all understand right away, but no one knows why it's done. It's simple: if someone makes up a beard he doesn't have and caresses it, he's telling you “ chiva .” And with that gesture, he's enjoying us, he's rejoicing in our anger.

Why would someone invent an imaginary beard just to provoke another? Worse still: why does the other feel really indignant with provocation? We don't know. But if they make you a  chiva , something bad they're looking for.

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