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From a video to the Cordovan dictionary

In recent years, funny videos were viralized, which marked the way of speaking and the dictionary of all the Cordoba
How we talk
De un video al diccionario cordobés
| 07 December, 2019 |

New technologies not only make us laugh and serve us to communicate. Viralization of videos constantly modifies people’s way of talking. And the Cordobes are not left behind. From the long history of comic videos, some are epic and were recorded in the Cordovan dictionary . Funnyexpressions and phrases today are part of the Cordovan tune. And you don’t even know where they come from. So we tell you what are the videos that put the stamp on the cordobé.

The classic “vevó” Cordoba: where did it come from?

The famous expression Vevó Cordoba came out of an interview they did to two women during the dance of “La Mona” Jimenez. And yes, to be well cordovan, he has to be born in the sergeant. It can’t be any other way. Vevó today is used to express affirmation, conformity, agreement and emphasize some issues. It’s a cordovan fixture. Here’s the video.

This isn’t coke, Daddy.

The famous viral of the drunk who does not understand anything when he speaks, is made in Córdoba. From the cameras to the Cordovan dictionary, the phrase “this is not coca, papi” is furor. Among friends, with fernet and without fernet, we use this famous expression. The creator not only had a major hangover, but also fame for the rest of his life. Every time we say these words, video and laughter come to our head.

Shut up. Cum!

Cordoba children are getting more and more daring. The child’s viral that has angelic appearance, but bitches like there’s no tomorrow. “Shut up, culiado” is a phrase that, in addition to asking for silence in a non-respectful way, does or does evoke laughter.

Beibi iaguer

Another one from La Mona, of course. The one who didn’t see this video doesn’t understand anything, like La Mona when her fan tells her about her daughter’s baby shower. The phrase was made and, every time there is a party, it is armed with

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