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Formose Dictionary Episode II

Second installment with 10 common words of the popular language of the Formoseño Dictionary. Pay attention and I'll learn to speak like a real local.

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Diccionario formoseño 2

In the first installment of the Formosan Dictionary, we chose 10 words or terms frequently used by the inhabitants of Formosa. Many may consider this linguistic reconstruction and resignification of words to be a mistake. Some people see it wrong, but it's a cultural transformation. These are 10 more words you should know if you visit Formosa, the beautifulone.

  1. Cachi: It is the word chosen to name the female sexual organ in a popular way.
  2. Carrying: It has a direct link to the cart, but the cart refers to the vehicle of before, the carriage. The road is just the garage or the parking lot. It is a word that is linked to construction machines or to old carriages, not to the common vehicle.
  3. Guaú: It can also be heard as “angaú”; it has a special pronunciation. It serves to indicate that something is false or a lie. “Wow, what a little guy charges for working.”
  4. Fireman: This word is popular in competitions or sports. He represents the cheater, whom he does everything he can to lie or disappoint the other for his own benefit. “The referee has pumped us.”
  5. Chingueado: It is something that is poorly developed, that its construction has not been the right one and advances making mistakes. “That guy doesn't know math, his economy is in a twink.”
  6. What salt: It's one of the many ways to refer to luck. In this case apply directly on bad luck or bad results. “He didn't pass the exam, what salt.”
  7. Abombated: It is a term used to describe a person who is stunned or confused. In some cases it is used to indicate that a person is not very intelligent: “How bulky you are.”
  8. Cau: A word used to indicate that someone is past drinking or drunk. “The friend is cau.”
  9. Guarila: Guarila is a children's game of Formosignos. It's probably a deformation of the word lair. It's a team showdown.
  10. Paye: It is a word that has a direct link to luck or fortune, whether good or bad. Depending on the formation of the sentence, it will indicate whether it refers to good luck or bad luck.

This is the second episode of the Formose dictionary. Common words from your popularvocabulary.

Publication Date: 26/04/2020

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