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Express guide to speaking Cordoba

The Cordovan is one of the most imitated tunes. We created an express guide so you don't miss him and
How we talk
10 December, 2019

One of the most envied, funny and imitated tones in the country is the Cordovan tune. Different novels, controversial characters, and even youtubers try to imitate the amount (and fail). We prepare you an express guide so that you do not stay in the attempt and become a cordovan of pure strain. But the extra seasoning: take a fernet first, to unlock your tongue.

The Cordoba Cantito

The amount goes in the pretonic syllable. That is, in the syllable before the accent. The vowels lengthen a little bit and, depending on the emphasis you want to give it, the amount lasts more or less. For example, if you say you are Cordoba, you have to put the amount in the syllable “do”. So it would be: “I’m a Cordoobese”. And if you want to exaggerate, “I’m cordobeezaso.”

If the accentuated syllable is the first of the word, We don’t sing anything. For example, in matte, Cordoba, cable, etc.

It’s quite a science to identify where the little thing goes. But be careful, if you put a lot anywhere, it’ll give you away. And you’re not going to go through original cordoobese .

We We eat those, the r, we eat everything


To speak cordobé, I have to eat. A consonant salad fits you in the tummy. The final “s” and “r” don’t go! If only cordobé, I have to eat. In addition, some initial syllables we can also skip: Tamo? Tonce… did you lie?

The ese that’s not that

If you want to speak well Cordoba a key point is to transform the “s” that is in the middle of words into something strange. It’s an “s” that’s not “s”. She’s rather aspirated, sort of a “j” that’s not “j”. As if you were about to throw a gaio, we’d say in Cordoba. For example, an average Argentine would say “los ojos”, a Cordovan would say “lojojos” or something. Let’s see, try: I listen to them (in cordobés: lojejcucho).

Mentinged? That’s what Cordovan says.

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