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Entrerriano alphabet (lesson 2)

The alphabet entrerriano is mandatory reading material if you want to understand yourself well with entrerrianos. In today's class we go from H to P.

How we talk

Every province of the country, every corner of the interior   Argentinian   has its characteristic way of speaking. The alphabet   entrerriano   is part of the mandatory bibliography for those who want to visit this beautiful province. From the H of “hilacha”, passing through the M of “mamado”, this class will pass through   typical words of the area   . At the ringring, we will end with P of “Payanca” and “pororó”. Get comfortable in your banks that we're about to start reading the entrerriano alphabet.

  H from “hilacha”  

  •   Making a cross   : Used when the place we refer is opposite and a little bit on the side. It is pronounced: “Making cru.”
  •   Hilacha   : It is said to the   person   which is shown as it is, with its side   negative   . Example: “You already showed the hilacha.”

  J from “julepe”  

  •   Julepe   :   Fear   , scare. Example: “What a julepe hit me when the dog barked at me.”

  M from “sucked”  

  •   “Mandale guacha nomá”   : It's when we encourage someone to take a quick action without thinking about it. Example: “Che, what do I do, play everything in the red? Yes, send him guacha nomá! ”.
  •   Meek   : Quiet, calm,   easygoing   . Example: “Do you bite   dog   ? No, just pass it, it's re meek.”
  •   Blowjoby   : Drunk.
  •   Mavále! (better   ): Accept with emphasis. Example: “Are we going to the   party   in costumes? Yeah, make it! ”.

  No of “has no goyete”  

  • ”   It does not have goyete”:   A phrase used to denote that a person's acts and attitudes are meaningless. Example: “Che, you don't have goyete vos.”

  P for “Payanca”  

  •   Payanca   : Set with 5 stones where one is thrown into the air and the others are lifted in turns.
  •   Pororo   :   Pochoclos   or popcorn.
  •   Porrón   : Alcoholic beverage derived from malt. Buenos Aires equivalent: beer, beer.
  •   Special pulp or pulp   : Expensive and quality meat cutting.

Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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