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“Echar” is the bedside verb of all Cordovan?

If we get the verb to ectar, are we left out of essence? Is it that without this verb we erase the Cordovan and leave us a thousand expressions?

How we talk

Turns out the Cordobeses have a very rich dictionary. Idioms, phrases, sayings, jokes and more are part of our   daily talk   . There are some words that can never be missing, like the famous   “che, culia”   . There are others that only we know, like   “vevó”   . However, there are some that make up almost one   perfect formula.   Words that generate   endless phrases   . They give the magic to the cordovan tonada. Among those words,   the verb “echar”   became the pillar of Cordovan. Why? We will tell you in the following four sentences:

  •   Toss mucus  

“I'm going to throw mucus.” If they invite you to throw mucus, it's because they want   who will rot   everything. I'd advise you not to go. If you send yourself a   mocazo,   can you become a   moquero   for life. But what does this mean? No one is going to trust you anymore. Because throwing a mucus is   send yourself a   . I mean, doing things wrong, generating bard,   do quilombo   .

  •   Pour a chlorine  

“Echar” as a fundamental verb. So fundamental that it defines a   biological need   unavoidable. Piss. Bleaching a chlorine, for a Cordovan, is going to the bathroom. Did you have her from before? It's very new. And it's a very everyday phrase.

  •   Lack a rooster  

Another physiological need, or not so much. For a Cordovan,   take a rooster   is to expel phlegm through the mouth. Pretty disgusting. But, well,   That's what there is!  

  •   To get a dust  

Another biological need. For a Cordovan   get a dust   is making love. We Cordobses have a thousand more ways to tell this act. It's just that we're full of love. However, the most common is this form.

  •   To take a nap  

Oh, the last one, but the prettiest. It   nap cordobesa   is a luxury that few can be given. However, there is no time nicer than the time to say. “I'm going to take a nap.” This phrase is the real “who could? ” of Cordovan.

Publication Date: 06/05/2020

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