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Do you say these words wrong, too?

What do you say to the device embedded in the wall for urination? And to the mixture of different unpleasant
How we talk
Burro palabras
25 December, 2019

In this note we come to “deburring” or “unsettling”. Yes, to remove the donkey from those who mispronounce a few words, without knowing it. Those who have taken as correct the mention of a few words and who, after reading this note, are going to be speechless. As this humble editor was once left, when he found out. Let’s get started.


Public men’s room. For urination we have the toilet or the toilet. Yeah, probably your whole life you told him a crummy, without the middle “n” . Well, now you know, get used to it. The dictionary says that a minsitorium is “an object used for urination, usually located in male public toilets.”


The following is a word used to refer to the mixture of some unpleasant ingredients. But it also applies, for example, when someone wants to give an explanation, but never gets to the point. And it gets tangled. And it doesn’t end. And it mixes data and things that have nothing to do with it. He’s making a good show. Yeah, not a menjunje. At least, that’s the form accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy. Which, in fact, defines mejunje as a “liquid or pasty substance made up of various ingredients and which offers a strange or unpleasant appearance, taste or smell”.


Another case is when we want to refer to the outdoor, to the outside. For example, we want to tell that we spent the night sleeping on a rock on the side of the river. We say we slept in the open, not in the interperie. It middle letter is the “m” and not the “r”. Books define in the open as “exposed to the open air, without a roof or protection.”


Finally, the most controversial. If you already know how to pronounce it, I’m sure you had an argument with someone who was a very strong advocate who is word was pronounced as she said. Gentlemen and gentlemen, it is called telgopor, and not tergopol. In fact, the second concept does not exist. In fact, the manuals say telgopor is the name under which expanded polystyrene is known in Argentina. And it is clarifies that the same material acquires other denominations depending on the country: can be found as technopor, icopor, isopor, harduropor, polyfoam, polyespan, foam plast or white cork, to name a few possibilities, but never tergopol.

Well, now you’re ready to talk co Rightly. But watch out. Let it not be very clear that you have just learned of the pronunciation of these words. That is, do not go out and say that you have to replenish the telgopor of the roof of the bathroom where the miningitorio is, because it is out in the open and has made a dip with the wind and the leaves. Because, more than as a scholar, you’re going to look ridiculous.

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