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Do you know what the typical words of San Juan mean?

Idioms, words, all specifically from San Juan, which are combined with their characteristic tone. Find out what they are and know their meaning

 Sanjuaninos  have a way of speaking that is very pleasant to the ear and are easily recognized not only for their  toning , but also by the words and idioms they use. In San Juan some of the words that many know have another meaning.

Each  region  of Argentina has its peculiarities in its speech, many of them given by its geography, its people and even its proximity to other countries. This is the case, for example, in many  northern  or Cuyo provinces, which adopt or transform words from  Chile or  Bolivia     and make them own.

It should be noted that, in the case of the province of sun and wine, many of the words come from  Chile  or some shared with the Cuyo region and neighbouring provinces. Others are specifically  “sanjua” , and these serve to identify the tonada and idioms of the natives of San Juan who, in addition to their words, are characterized by their sense of  humor  and warmth.

 Sanjuaninas words 

 Typical phrases 

'I'm going to light you': I'm going to give you some advice.
'You did it in waste': uselessly.
'They made him a buraco': an injury, especially in the economic.
'He threw him coal': encourage to influence badly.
'It's a charter': he has no  sexual experience.
'He left a little asset': minimum rest in a glass.
'He's joking': flaunting.
'He is a sparrow (gulled) ': his partner deceives him.
'Are you baking? '- poking your nose with your finger.

There are so many local and San Juan forms of expression that a blogger decided and produced a dictionary with  expressions  only from the province. If you plan to travel to know her, what better than learning its language and customs through speech. Rich, the author of the sanjuanino dictionary, presents it as “the largest collection of Sanjuanino words and phrases online”.

If you want to continue knowing the more than 100 words and idioms sanjuanino, you can go to the  sanjuanino dictionary blog. 

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