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Did you know that Misiones has a dictionary of his own?

The province of Misiones has a comprehensive dictionary that recovers the linguistic heritage of Mbyá Guaraní. We'll tell you what it's all about.

How we talk

The province of Misiones has the first Mbyá-Guaraní dictionary to Spanish and from Spanish to Mbyá-Guaraní. An unpublished dictionary in the country, which also has an annex in Portuguese and English.

This catalog of Guaraní words is the first of its kind made in the province and in the country. In this way, it has become an unfailing reference material for schools, historians, anthropologists and anyone interested in Mbyá-Guarani culture. It has all the cultural components that make the essence of the indigenous people accessible to the general public.

The Mbyá are a branch of the western Guarani people currently living in Paraguay, southern Brazil and the province of Misiones. Young people born in this community seek to integrate professionally and professionally into Western society without losing their indigenousidentity . The dictionary is a big step towards achieving that goal.

6 years of research

José Javier Rodas, author of the dictionary, revealed that the research and compilation work lasted 74 months. It included chieftains, members of Guarani villages, linguists from Brazil and Paraguay. Rhodes is a specialist in bilingual intercultural education, writer and director of a school in the village Ythus Pará. “We rescued the ancestral word of the Mbyá-Guaraní language, which is the people that inhabit our province for a thousand years. It is a work of cultural visibility of our brothers,” he explained.

As for the translation of the dictionary into Portuguese and English, Rhodes said that they worked together with linguists. They made it possible to translate words and translate them into different languages. Through this dictionary, Misiones pays an important debt to the indigenous cultural heritage in the red land.

Publication Date: 10/04/2020

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By: nilda 09 June, 2020

es bueno saber de nuestra historia gracias

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