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Did you know that many of our words come from Quechua?

Cancha, pucho, mate, carp and other words we use every day come from the Quechua language. Did you know that? We'll tell you what they are.

How we talk

Our region is a region of mergers, mixtures and endless cultures that converged here from the most diverse places in the world. Our language, then, is a mixture of all that, in which lexical loans are common currency. Today we want to tell you what are the words you use daily and come from Quechua, the language used by the Incas and that was born somewhere in the Andes.

1. Tennis court

It comes from the quechua kancha: means “enclosure, fenced”, as the space intended for certain sports or shows.

2. Carp

He comes from karpa, who wants to say “large awning covering a circus or any other wide enclosure”.

3. Pucho

It comes from the quechua puchu, which means “leftover.” He currently refers to a cigarette or its cigarette butt. Also means a small portion of something, a handful.

4. Morocho

It comes from the quechua muruch'u, which means “very hard corn variety”. Here we use it as adjective and to define a person who has brown skin or black hair.

5. Chakra

It arises from the Quechua chakra. In several Latin American countries, means “farm or stay to cultivate the land”.

6. Rubber

It comes from the word Quechua kawchu, used to name the latex extracted from the Hevea tree, known as as the rubber tree, with which you get a very waterproof mass Elastic.

7. Ejota

It comes from usuta. It was all about of a footwear similar to a sandal made of leather worn by the Indians of Peru and Chile, which is still in use today.

8. Matte

One of the meanings of this word refers to Quechua mati, which means “pumpkin”.

9. Choclo

It comes from the quechua choccllo and It means “tender corn cob.”

10. Poncho

One of the theories about the origin of this word is that it comes from Quechua punchu, which means the same thing. Other is that it comes from the word pontro, from the Araucano or Mapuche, which means “blanket.”

Other words?

Chala, coca, condor, guacho andguagua also come from that language. Did you know all this?

Publication Date: 29/01/2020

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