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Where did the term "gorilla" come from?

This word, which in our country has a clear political allusion, has an origin that has nothing to do with it.


Why gorilla, in addition to a mammal, is also a political allusion has a history behind. Like everything. In Argentina, a gorilla is an anti-Peronist, military or civilian. But it all started with an involuntary joke of a comic program.

In 1952, the Dislocated Magazine debuted on Radio Argentina, created by Délfor Dicásolo, with librettos by Aldo Cammarota and voice over by Cacho Fontana. The cycle was broadcast on different radios and television channels until 1973, when it was banned by the Lanusse military government.
In parallel, in 1953 the movie Mogambo was released in the United States, starring Clark Gable, Ava Gadner and Grace Kelly. In one of the scenes of the film, Gable - who personified a seductive wild animal hunter in Africa - is with Grace Kelly, who was in love with him. In the heat of romance, a loud roar is heard that causes young Grace to throw herself into the arms of Gable, who to reassure her says: "Calm down, the gorillas must be."

In 1955, that scene inspired the librettist of The Dislocated Magazine to make a sketch in which a choir sang a jingle, which said: "They must be the gorillas, they must be, they will walk around." Although the sketch had nothing to do with political issues, the public interpreted it as an allusion to what was then circulating stealthily: an underground movement of troops to overthrow Perón.
That was how, after the military coup carried out by the Liberating Revolution, the Peronists began using the term gorilla to qualify the supporters of the coup that evicted Perón and everyone who was against the Peronist regime. Even to this day.

Publication Date: 30/04/2019

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By: Revista la Rockeada 10 December, 2019

Quisiera escribir una columna o editorial para ser argentino.

Por: Redacción 12 December, 2019

En respuesta a Revista la Rockeada

Te dejamos el enlace. Saludos. https://www.serargentino.com/quiero-ser-redactor

By: Julián 12 June, 2020

La verdad un elogió decir que son gorilas a los antiperonistas, los gorilas son seres más pensantes, yo diría que los antiperonistas son terraplanistas más que nada 😆😆

By: Ewan 24 June, 2020

Cómo "régimen peronista"?

Por: Rulo 28 June, 2020

En respuesta a Ewan

Y si régimen. Acaso alguien los duda?

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