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Crazy and freaks

To define others in our relationships, we use two words: crazy and crazy, depending on the genre in question. -
How we talk
locas y pelotudos, dependiendo del género del que se trate.
26 January, 2020

Let’s talk about love. Let’s talk about complicated, unrequited or half-reciprocated loves. Love indefinite, difficult. Let’s talk about the love of the now. In times when the toxic rules and commitment costs, the ways of cataloguing others are simplified in two words: crazy and crazy.

At least among heterosexual couples, that seems to be the summary of any relationship. If he doesn’t know what he wants, he dumps you, he stabs you, he shows up and disappears, he makes some claim to you, he ‘s a jerk. Your friend, your sister-in-law, your coworker. If she doesn’t know what she wants, she dumps you, pops your eyes, shows up and disappears, makes some claim to you, she ‘s crazy. Your friend tells you, your brother-in-law, your coworker.

It all comes down, it seems, to crazy and nuts.

The reasons for inconsistencies Female, apparently, are the same as always: women are hysterical, unstable. Men, on the other hand, have other motives: they are immature, do not decide, do not want to “settle down”. Is that right?

Of course not, it is not. Neither are we all Susanites desperate to get a husband, nor are they incurable pirates who just want to sleep with one and run away. There’s everything in this jungle, and everyone will know what backpack he’s carrying. And what specimen you want to get involved with.

But words are a reflection of our culture, of our history and of things that have nothing to do with us. The fact that she is crazy and he is a fool defines a role of the woman and the man that today no longer responds to the same parameters. With empowered women and men more connected with their emotions, it doesn’t give all the same. We’re not all the same anymore. Are there any patterns? Oh, yeah. Are there any duppers? Oh, of course. Are there crazy people? I’m sure. But we’re not all like that. We’re not all like that.

Let’s learn how to choose our words, not to generalize and to see each individual in particular. And, about all, let’s learn to get away from the crazy ones and the freaks (the real ones), that for complicated is already life.

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