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Correntino Dictionary: Episode II

Second installment of the Correntino dictionary, one of the richest popular vocabularies in northern Argentina. Did you know all these words? Take a note!

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In episode I of the Correntino Dictionary, we gave an introduction to what represents one of the richest popular vocabularies in the north. Corrientes, like other neighboring provinces, is strongly influenced by Guaraní. It is this conjunction of languages along with Spanish that results in alternative words and a new language. Not all words have Guarani influence, but many of them. Others simply respond to other cultural influences from other provinces.

We share the second installment of the Correntino popular vocabulary:

  1. Africho: Basically it means “excited” or “conditioned by lack of sexual activity.” This term is also part of popular language in other provinces, but it's known as “arrecho.”
  2. Bocané: Used to indicate that someone suffers from halitosis or has bad breath.
  3. Every one: It is an expression that indicates a close danger or a sign of care. “Cache with the cable.”
  4. Changüí: It is popular within games, and represents an advantage that is given by the outside of what the rules of the game are. “As a changüí you start winning.”
  5. Pinchman: It is a classification for men looking for women who do not meet a “standard” of beauty” that determines who judges another “chinero”. The Correntinos also call it bagayero, and this is a term used in other provinces.
  6. Emboyere: The word indicates a problem, a disorder or a complicated situation. Popularly We know it as “quilombo.”
  7. Lobero: Similar to the definition of “chinero”, but it targets men looking for women of bad life. This classification, as well as Chinero, responds to both gender.
  8. Mencho: Popularly known as “fat”. Refers to an ordinary person or which does not meet the basic standards of the place where it is located.
  9. Neneco: It speaks of an unpleasant person who instills fear in others.
  10. Pandorga: It's the kite or kite that kids use to play.

Publication Date: 25/01/2020

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