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Correntino Dictionary: Episode I

Castilian more Guaraní conjugate, practically, in the emergence of a new language. We leave you this correntino vocabulary guide.

How we talk

If there is an abundant vocabulary is the correntino, the Guaraní influence has multiplied the expressions and words of that province. Some may be more frequent or less in one locality, but the whole province knows them. Here is a selection of 10 very used words in the correntino vocabulary:

  1.  Anga : It means “poor.” It is used for different purposes. One is to indicate that someone is really poor and the other is in a derogatory or leftover tone. There's his “angacito” version. If you add a U “angau” you talk about a lie, or something that is false.
  2.  Algiers : This qualifies someone unfriendly or hateful. Someone who rejects something shartily without giving many explanations or with much kindness.
  3.  Camba : It means black in Guarani and can be added to other words like “cambá cua”, which would be a “black cave”.
  4.  Taste : It refers to something refined, stylish, or that really seeks to look like a higher social class. Elsewhere it is popularly known as “cheto”.
  5.  Cou : The word used to indicate that someone is drunk. Re  caú  can be translated as “re drunk”.
  6.  Embopa : It is a game that, in many parts of the country, is known as “la mancha”. With Guarani input in Corrientes, this game is called embopa.
  7.  Guaina : The word used to refer to a girl or a woman.
  8.  Mulero : Similar to  angau , it is used to point a liar, someone who is cheating or developing a scam.
  9.  Tape : An adjective that indicates that someone is petiso or has a low height.
  10.  Gurí : It means child or young man, in  Buenos Aires  and also popularized elsewhere as “pibe”.

 This is just a first part. 

The correntino vocabulary with the number of terms and expressions is endless. The combination between Guaraní, Castilian and some deformations makes it possible that this note will soon have a second installment.

Publication Date: 24/01/2020

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