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“Coronavirus,” admitted by the SAR?

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is deliberating on the possibility of including in its Dictionary the most sounding word in the last time.

How we talk
Coronavirus, admitido por la RAE

The Spanish language bible is the  Dictionary of the  Royal Spanish Academy  (RAE).  There are all the terms that are included in our language. If they don't appear there, it's because they're wrong. However, language mutates, transforms and, over time, new words are admitted to the dictionary when its use is made frequent on the streets. These days, there is one that is everywhere -   coronavirus  .

For these days, the possibility of incorporating this new word as “ urgency ” is being discussed in the SAR. It happens that the term  coronavirus  today is used colloquial in all social spheres, so academics are assessing  the possibility of officially adding the  word  to the Dictionary . To that end, they held videoconferencing meetings from their homes, as quarantine forced the suspension of plenary meetings for the first time in history on  health issues.

Sources indicate that they already have a proposal from the scientific-technical commission and another from the social sciences commission that studies words related to coronavirus,  the most sought after by  people .  In recent times, the most searched terms in the SAR Dictionary were  pandemic, quarantine, confining, resilience, epidemic, virus  and  caring. 

By intensifying its virtual presence on the networks, the SAR is pursuing other initiatives. On the one hand, it provides the possibility to clear linguistic doubts with  #dudaRAE . On the other hand, proposal  #QueLasLetrasTeAcompañen  allows you to share words that comfort in these difficult times in the face of uncertainty. Finally,  #ViajarConLasPalabras  encourages, through literature, to move us to any time and place without moving from our homes.

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Publication Date: 02/05/2020

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