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Boxing, our favorite metaphor

The sport of pineapples gives us permanent expressions to apply in our daily lives. On this note, boxing in our
How we talk
| 29 December, 2019 |

These are phrases and metaphors that are constantly used in our daily talks. However, we often do not know where they come from. It is very common to say that before a compromising question “saved you the bell” or to hear the phrase “do not throw the towel”, when a friend tries to encourage you not to give up. And yes, these are boxing phrases. Here, the most used and their meanings.

He saved you to a bell.

You’re in a pressing situation. An argument where you were thrown inescapable argument. A final exam at the faculty where it is impossible to answer the teacher’s question. And then someone comes in, or something interrupts to talk or exam. And that’s where “the bell saved you.” In boxing, the bell rings to announce that the 3 minutes of that round ended, so possibly the boxer who was being beaten “saves the bell ”.

He put me against the strings

You’re with your partner, relax, at your old man’s house. Eating lasagna your mom cooked. And she asks you, “So? Is my lasagna richer or the one your wife makes? And you have no escape. Your old “put you on the ropes.” In boxing, the pugilist who is being hit vehemently by his opponent, cornered, with the perimeter ropes on his back “is against the ropes.” There’s no escape either.

Don’t throw away the towel.

What Ivan Noble asks of the brunette in the remembered theme of the Knights of the Burning: “Do not throw away the towel, even the most mandious still rowing it.” Understand: brunette, do not give up, that even those who have no chance continue to fight it. In boxing, he throws his towel from the corner where the coach is to signal that his boxer can no longer fight, he surrenders.

Are you or are you? knock out

Importantly, it is also accepted to say “knockout”. But beyond that, you’re knocking out when you’re out of a chance in some life situation. In boxing, the konck out is the punch that leaves you out of chances in the fight.

Low Stroke

That phrase your partner throws at you when you discuss issues sensitive. And then she, with poison in her words, says to you, “And with my ex I had a better time in bed.” That’s a low blow. Especially if you You suspected you weren’t giving up. In boxing, the low blow is the one that is not allows, the one who goes badly, under the belt.

On the canvas

You don’t have a weight. You don’t have a chance to go on vacation, change your car or go out with friends. You’re “on the canvas.” In boxing, being on the canvas is lying on the floor of the ring. Out of combat.

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