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Drawer or pack it?

Pablo Lescano, from Damas Gratis, gives us an example of the variant of language.

 Language , as we know, is constantly evolving. What was previously restricted to a particular area, over time, can spread to others, cross social, generational and territorial barriers. Something like this happened with the  lunfardo  at the beginning of the 20th century, which was born in the marginalized classes and then spread to other spheres — especially — thanks to  tango  .

Something like this happens today with the  cumbia villera , with its crosses between the lunfardo and the marginal records, such as that of prisons or football.
A very clear example was given by  Pablo Lescano , the singer of  Damas Grat is, who popularized a phrase that only he understands: “  ATR perro cumbia cajeteala piola gato ”. However, although it is his authorship, apparently he cares about writing it correctly: recently, he made a query via Twitter to the  Spanish Royal Academy itself:  “Hello RAE. It's a box or box Piola Gato. #EstoEsCumbia”.
Your query did not receive an answer, but it is well worth the attempt to give your neologism a correct conjugation.

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