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Big kisses, big kisses, big shots

The Cordobes speak like this, we are exaggerated, and we never get enough augmentatives to express what we feel. We
How we talk
26 January, 2020

If there is one thing that many linguists have thought about, and I like to keep thinking, it is that the language reflects an idea of the world. It is so that every culture and every language has words to call certain things. It was anthropologist Franz Boas who identified that Eskimos, for example, have several words for different types of snow. And just as the Eskimos have this range of possibilities, the Cordobeses have a corresponding range of augmentatives. And yes, if we are exaggerated. In the following list we tell you what are the mechanisms and expressions through which cordobeses exaggerate a pile:

Excessive for whatever, whatever and wherever:

What for any Argentinian is rich, for a Cordovan is Rich. What for any Argentine is good, for a Cordovan tá Good.

Careful, it’s a lot!

In Cordoba, in the summer it is hot,and in winter it is cold. If you go to the 15th of a cousin, it’s a party. Ah, but if you go to the dance…

Excessiveness to a stick

If you go to the dance, it’s a big party, and you dance a few quartasonons. That’s it is that the scale of exaggeration of the cordobeses has a thousandvariants… The list continues…

Eschatological augmentation

In Córdoba we use the verb poagar as augmentative: crap loving, crap hating, crap me with taste. Emotionality has to feel that way. Pure eschatological passion. If something upset you, but it didn’t screw you up, it‘s because it didn’t make you so angry.

Very much.

Very many cordobeses use the very much. If something scared us, we were very scared . If we sleep without blanket, we were very cold. Or, if we went to a recital and it was full, it was because there was a lot of people in one place.

On the scale of exaggeration, the Cordobes are exaggerated. We use a lot of augmentatives to be able to express when something is a pile . We are happy to express our ideas by placing emphasis on many places and putting emotion on them. If you want to learn how to speak Cordoba, don’t miss the course of Cordoba with @matzorama, which will give you a lot of laughs.

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