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Be Cheto in Cordoba

We tell you all the expressions that the people of high society use in Cordoba. I read the note and I'm beyond laughter!

How we talk

In Cordoba, we love to laugh at people. Actually, we laugh at people and with people. We like to put nicknames, have funny expressions. And, above all, we like to spend. One of the main reasons why we laugh among ourselves is for having money and showing it exaggerated. We laughed at the Czto Cordoba, which becomes re enlarged. Because, in general, we are enlarged. But imagine if, in addition to being enlarged by nature, you add a little purchasing power to a Cordovan. I mean, you went. It's not a thing to believe. That's why we have a couple of expressions with which we take these situations with humor.

1. The Cordovan is not Cheto, it's top.

If there's a common way to say Cheto to Cordoba , it's to tell him he's top. In the latest fashion, with all the new and super enlarged. This is a Cordovan who has high purchasing power and is in the order of the latest fashion.

2. The Cordovan is not arrogant, it's humorous.

“ Che, humiento”: this is how they tell you in Córdoba if they see that your fumes went up to your head. If you got on the pony, in porteño. A moist is an enlarged, proud guy who thinks he's a thousand. The arrogant Cordobes are humorous.

3. The Cordovan does not has silver, tá forrau in twine.

It's like that. If you have a lot of money, “tas forrau”. This expression comes from being lined only that, with our tonada and our cordobeses mechanisms, we feel different. It's just that whenever a word ends with -ado, we feel more comfortable shortening it to -au. Lined, lined;roast, asau; elongated, elongated. Are you cool?

4. The Cordovan is not wealthy, it's billboard.

Carteludo is the Cordovan that not only has silver, but also shows it with a neon sign. Buying the latest cars, the latest fashion. When a Cordovan is playing the guitar, he is cheto and tá forrau en twita, he is a poster.

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Publication Date: 07/05/2020

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