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Argentine phrases: how salteño are you?

In this note, we provide you with a series of Argentine phrases and words that are widely used by Salteños. Do you identify with any of them?

How we talk

We all know that, in each province, its inhabitants have a different tone when it comes to speaking, as we also know that different words and phrases are used in each of the different parts of our country, even in some provinces the same, but they mean different. The one born and raised in  Salta  has its distinctive touch when expressed orally. In this note we provide you with a list of Argentine phrases and words that are used daily by  Salteños , and were extracted from a Facebook page called “Es de salteño”.


  • What did I say? : Do you say?
  • Chango toy full: be satiated.
  • Did I have been? “Have I been?
  • Go on daaa: send the hell.
  • Go with arrechera: she's excited.
  • You've been.
  • Taba goal pinchiculnchi: when someone was having sex.
  • Chuncuda and crap: woman with long legs.
  • Already ta ya ta: you're ready.
  • Happy as you opa in sulky: when someone is very happy about something.
  • Ta erraou compadre: you're wrong.
  • Ta pasao el mechudo: when someone performs an undue action.
  • You're pulling a person's  hair  on me.
  • You already have moquiaou: when someone got confused in doing something and worsened the situation.
  • Prepare the avio: prepare the snack.
  • The quechuzuela hurts: it hurts the knee.
  • You get a puntano in your oyo: that's going to hit it in the tail.
  • Go shooting and come back. Go fast and get back.
  • Vam pa ya: let's go there.
  • Bring me the rag to dry the floor: get the floor dryer closer.
  • Stop swollen pue: stop disturbing.
  • I'm taking you to cococho. He'll climb him on his back.
  • No, go eat here: he won't give him anything.
  • What a juna, you can: what are you looking at.
  • Ta screwed up the heat: it's very  hot .
  • Toy hungry, pue: he's hungry.
  • This one is trapping: he's cheating (in some game).
  • And deayyyyyy: and?
  • You said no: I told you no.
  • Ta meta macania: it's bothering.
  • I have straw: he's tired.
  • It was gopiau el anco, the opa: his head was hit.
  • What are you in the cuoete? Are you doing nothing?
  • Sail to the chireta: look at the girl.
  • I noi sio: he hasn't been.
  • We see you: see you.
  • I'll give you a beating.
  • Ta as a male pa: it's very good.
  • I'm fright: she's surprised.
  • Ite going: let him go.
  • Vitoo? : have you seen?
  • I don't hear yaca: I don't hear anything.
  • Put it in, get it, meta che: when you hurry someone.
  • It has already tontau: this expression means the same as “Ya ti hast moquiaou” explained above.
  • Well, it's boring.
  • Ehhh anaba me! : where was I!
  • Cortito as pata e cuchi: that is petiso.
  • Behave good or I'll hit you a chirlo: it'll hit him.
  • Already tell you: I'll let you know.
  • Nosia mate trancao, you can: don't be slow to reason something.
  • Mei levantau chalita: was built renovated.
  • He
  • blows you to crap to ancaso: he'll hit him with his head.
  • Ta bathe, you can: she's bathing.
  • Hey, I've been careful, you're not going to hit the marote: let his  brother be careful, he won't hit his head.
  • And yata the asau? : Is the roast already?
  • Hey, chango, you brought a little scabio, didn't you? - has brought a lot of alcoholic beverage.

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  • Asinito: very small.
  • Chancaca: sugar tablet.
  • Chuñar: vomit.
  • Weighing: eat a lot.
  • Veil! : Look at you!
  • Gorriau: They cheat him.
  • Cuimba: expression when it is not to your liking when compared to something or someone.
  • Chuuuuu- chaaaa- chooooo: an expression of astonishment.
  • Tranca balanca or tranca lever: up and down (public squares play).
  • Grave the pot: Tomb cabeza.

And we still know about many more, if you know about one that is not listed, comment on this note and we will schedule it for the next edition of Ser Argentino, so we can tell the whole country how Salteños speak.

Publication Date: 25/01/2021

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