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Applause, plush and kiss

From all that poulding it, sometimes life gives you rewards.

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I am Tute Dur @ni, Argentine athlete without medals, although I modestly think I won too. What happened to me at the Youth Olympics was amazing and all thanks to a stuffed toy. I swear I'm not scoring them. I was fine in rowing, but unfortunately I didn't get into the finals. Likewise, I agreed with what I did: when I was 17, it was my first international experience and I ended up happy with this participation in Buenos Aires 2018. My triumph, if you want to call it my first medal, came a couple of days after the Games, when I had to become a spy to... Hold the stuffed animals, damn it!I don't know if they'll know, but in the traditional Olympic Games, once you're eliminated, you have one day to leave the Olympic Village and return to your country. Here, the 4,000 athletes continue to live together until the end. I discovered her the first night, that Friday before the inaugural ceremony at the Obelisk. He was in the colorful Romanian uniform and I looked at him at the reception party we got in the Villa. Always next to his compatriots, he talked, danced, laughed. Tall, loquacious, beautiful and with honey-colored eyes that shone like two bronze medals. Athletes had given us a kind of pendrive with the shape of a hand: it was a device of the Yogger, an application mixed with social network that served to meet athletes from other countries, score points and win prizes. It worked like this: you stuck to another athlete, put that device face to face, and when the green light turned on, it meant that your data was recorded to the other person. And that other athlete's name, country, Instagram automatically passed to your device. Between us, in the Villa, we said that it was a kind of Olympic Tinder, although it really had multiple other functions.That first night I did not cheer up, but on the third day I joined her and showed her my hand: she smiled at me, her device approached me, and there was a green light. For me, it was a crush. I'm lying to you if I tell you that it was love at first sight because in fact I've been checking it from day one. He greeted me with a “Chau”, in Spanish, and went to the dining room with a couple of members of his delegation. I immediately went to step on who this Romanian woman was. Name: Viorica. Age: 18 newly-turned. Sport: 3x3 basketball No wonder it's so high, I thought. Anyway, it would take me two or three centimeters. In the case, I imagined, nor would you notice the difference. I started to follow on Instagram but Viorica didn't. I went to see her when she competed and, although she didn't notice, I celebrated a couple of her points against Iran, the only match that Romania won in the women's 3x3. I crossed her a couple of times in the Villa and we greeted each other with a “Hi”: she always moved with the teammates and she didn't give me to face her and talk. I waited for some gesture, some sign of her and... nothing.I took it as one more defeat, but last night I went over to where I was having dinner and, with my modest English, I asked her a couple of things. If he had liked Buenos Aires, if he had enjoyed the Games, when he was leaving... And I asked him for a picture: we took a selfie, both of us smiling and said goodbye. I reminded him that “My nick is Tute” and he answered me smiling with a “I know, I know”. I was unlikely to know, but I left happy. Something is something, I said to myself as a good rower, and I thought that, like in the semifinal of my specialty, I left everything even though I didn't reach the goals. I uploaded the selfie to Instagram, tagged it to Viorica, and when she returned to her country, I noticed that she started following me.Days later, I received a private message: “Hi, Tute... How are you?” A constant in my life: as it happened to me on some holidays, mines start to give me a ball when they are already far away. And in this case it was out of interest, look how crazy what happened... the Romanian basketball player told me she was desperate and needed help. And I understood that I was the only one who could give him a hand. Words more, words less, she told me that she had forgotten under the mattress something that for her was indispinkable: a small plush, a lynx, dressed in the colours of the Romanian flag (blue, yellow and red). She explained that the lynx is one of the traditional animals of her country and that she has been with her since she was a child. That it was a gift from her grandmother. That it brought him luck. And that, on sad nights, she slept hugged him. During the day, she told me, she left it under the mattress so that her roommates would not see it. I got the impression she was ashamed to show it and I imagined her with the red cheeks for trusting this to a not-so-strange stranger. “I could claim it through my country's Olympic Committee, but everyone would find out. I am crying since I arrived in Curtea de Arges, my city,” he confessed to me, already then via WhatsApp. And through an audio that I heard a thousand times, with a Spanish between work and sweet, he asked me “please, Tute...” The Argentines had been in the 18th building of the Villa, which has 9 floors with four apartments each. Viorica explained to me that his apartment was 29th and that his apartment was 6° C. His room was the one on the right side of the bathroom and his bed on the side of the window.The Olympic Village, to all this, is uninhabited waiting for the kitchens to be placed and the City Government will hand them over to the new owners. One noon I left before school, I took a walk there. I took the athlete's badge in case but it was impossible for me to access: the place is closed and guarded, although not as much as on competition days. I sat on a bench of the Metrobus on Roca Avenue and, as I thought how to get to that mattress, I saw Luquita, one of the cleaning guys with whom I had hit good vibes. I didn't give him too much details, but I told him he had to get into 6° C of building 29.- Crazy, I have to get something important back. Help me. Please.- If you get me a gym team like the one you used in the Argentine delegation, I'll let you in.- I'll give you mine. I can't get another one. With all the pain of the soul, I give you mine.- Dale, I get a Cleansing badge so you can get into that building, and once you get inside, you fix yourself. If they find me out with you, they throw me to hell.Done? Done... we agreed to meet on Friday before noon for Luquita to get me in. I felt like “Rio”, the one in La Casa de Papel. A “Rio” that, from Buenos Aires, was willing to do everything to please “Tokyo”, which was tearing hard in Curtea de Arges.Friday morning I missed school. By 10 o'clock I was already in front of Roca Park. Luquita left the villa and in the middle of a forced hug, asked me if I brought her gift. I gave him that blue uniform I had worn so much in the last few weeks and it hurt my soul: it was the most important souvenir I had left of the Games. Obviously I wondered if Viorica was really worth it, but it was too late for tears. The kid concealed me an ID card: I couldn't read well, but I think he said Manuel Ramirez or something. We went through a first check together and went to a warehouse. He made me wear a blue and orange romper from the cleaning company and fastened my badge on my chest. He gave me a cart with buckets and lampazos and told me that everything was up to me from that moment on. That he was getting there. “Enter or not enter the building or the apartment, bring the cart back here and leave me the card here, which is from a sick partner. In any case, you don't know me or know you.” I went with the cart to building 29, greeted the security guard and took the elevator. He didn't give me much ball because he was playing Candy Crush in the celu. I went down on the sixth floor and searched for apartment C. Luckily, they were all unlocked because the day before the Argentine Olympic Committee had taken some things that were left, like pillows and bedspreads. Corresponding room, indicated bed... I raised the mattress and... nothing. I wanted to die. The teddy wasn't there. Can you believe? That stuffed fucking wasn't there. Good thing I didn't whatsapeéright away to Viorica because, when I managed to calm down a little, I was stoked to keep checking. And there I saw it... You see that when they moved the beds, they left everything anywhere: the plush was under a mattress in the other room. I hugged him and kissed him as if he had climbed on the podium to receive a medallion. I returned the cart, left the badge and went out in a hurry. Once I got to the Metrobus, now yes, selfie face to face with the lynx and with the Olympic Village in the background. I thought I'd make the Romanian woman suffer and tell her there was nothing. I imagined asking him for something in return just because he didn't throw a center in two weeks. “I can't be such a bastard,” I concluded. And I sent him the photo without adding any comments. I got on the bondi wanting to have a whiskey and smoke a cigar, holan style. But, since I rowing from a kid, I don't suck or smoke. Anyway, I felt like a James Bond hero. Or Jason Bourne... walking home, I dropped a little message from Viorica. A thousand emojis. Smiles. Hearts. Thumbs up. Caritas throwing kisses. In an audio he said, “Thank you, Tute.” And he kept sending me winks, gold medals, trophies, faces with tears. When he stopped with the emoticon waterfall, I tried to be cold so as not to look like a Catholic, apostolic and Romanian slug. I went into Shakespeare's language and, somewhat distant, asked him how he sent it to him.- Will it reach you by mail? The one in Argentina doesn't work quite well.- My dad has a travel agency and... - Oh, okay, I'll send it to you with some acquaintance coming here. Are Romanians coming to Buenos Aires?-I'd like you to bring it to me, in person. I'll send you the tickets so you can travel when you can and stay here for a few days. My country is beautiful and I want you to meet it. It was really nice what you did for me, Tute, and I really want to give you a hug. From so much powing, sometimes life gives you rewards. I also won: applause, plush and kiss for me...

Publication Date: 06/11/2018

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By: SiorBeniamino 07 November, 2018

Que alguien me pague el viaje a Europa o Argentina O donde sea jejeje. Linda historia!

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a SiorBeniamino

Hay que tener fe hasta el final... Si la remás, a la larga podés tener tu recompensa. No siempre pasa, es verdad, pero hay que confiar en que todo va a salir bien. El Tute apostó y ganó... Gracias por leerla. Y gracias por escribirnos.

By: Fran 08 November, 2018

Muy bueno Miguel!??

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Se agradece, amigo. Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leerlo...

By: paloma 08 November, 2018

Que buena nota!

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias, señorita. me alegro de que le haya gustado.

By: Pamela 08 November, 2018

Muy bueno , nunca perder la esperanza cuando se desea con el corazon algo

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Eso mismo, Pamela... Y mirá que el Tute la deseaba a la rumana, eh: ¿habrá tenido su premio? Yo creo que sí.

By: Maria del Carmen Bossio 08 November, 2018

Muy linda historia, llena de ternura, demuestra que los sentimientos te hacen audaces. Realmente, me encantó ? ? ?

By: Marce 08 November, 2018

Excelente historia Tute es un ídolo!!! Lo quiero en mi equipo ??????????

By: Miguel Bossio 08 November, 2018

En respuesta a

El Tute es argentino... Vamos, nene!!!

By: Luisito 09 November, 2018

Muy buena historia, te pusiste la 10!!!??? Alguien no se habra olvidado algo mas? Con tal de un viaje se lo llevo directo a la casa!!??

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Hola, Luis... Seguro que en los JJOO de Buenos Aires deben haber ocurrido mil historias como ésta. Qué lindo sería poder recopilarlas, no? Abrazo!!!

By: David 09 November, 2018

Que linda historia y con un buen final! !!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

David, muchas gracias por leer el texto y por escribirnos. Abrazo grande!!!

By: criscubero 09 November, 2018

Leyendo tu historia de regreso a Barcelona. Es muy como tú!!! Me he reído, emocionado, divertido, sorprendido y lo que es más importante, he sonreído todo el rato. Eres muy bueno!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Gracias Cris. Un placer que el elogio venga de una periodista tan grosa como tú. Me parece que estas historias irían muy bien en tu amado Mundo Deportivo. Beso!!!

By: Verónica 09 November, 2018

Quien dijo que la juventud no sabe lo que quiere? Tute actuó con el corazón, con un corazón enamorado. Las historias de amor a lo largo de la historia van tomando la forma del mundo en el que se desarrollan, pero la pasion, el coraje yl lavalentía es en esencia la misma a lo largo de los tiempos. Vivan esas historias de protección con final feliz Migue!!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Bien, Vero... Gracias por bancarnos a nosotros, los jóvenes con pasión, coraje y valentía, jaja. Beso grande!!!

By: Nico 09 November, 2018

Estimado Miguel, una vez más ne hiciste seguir la historia con una sonrisa fija. Sos un capo. Espero que cuentes el reencuentro de Tute y la chica rumana cuando pueda viajar el changuito.

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Apa, yo ya había dejado el final abierto... Vos decís que me tengo que poner a pensar cómo sigue la historia? Bueno, dejame ver después de los Boca-River a ver si la historia continúa. Abrazo, Nico

By: Fer Borquez 09 November, 2018

Excelente Historia Miguel y relatada exquisitamente!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Muchas gracias, me vas a hacer poner colorado. Saludos, Fer...

By: Rodrigo Adrian 09 November, 2018

????? catolico apostolico rumano Jajajaja muy bueno migue!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Es la frase que más me gustó, ja. Se te ocurren a medida que vas escribiendo, van apareciendo en la mente y se trasladan al teclado. Abrazo!!!

By: Amalia Lucía Rosa 09 November, 2018

Hola Miguel, hermosa historia !!!!!!!Con final más que feliz...Tenías que ser de Rufino jajaja ... Abrazo grande...

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Viste? Todo lo que aprendí en Rufino me sirvió para escribir lindas historias, ja. Beso!!!

By: Grillo 09 November, 2018

Muy buena historia, el Tute un amor....

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Grillo, gracias por leer y comentar. Sí, un amor el Tute...

By: Anabella Messina 10 November, 2018

Que linda historia Migue!!!! Me encanto. Tute un capo??!! El puro chamuyo sigue sumando cuentos?!!!!!

By: Miguel Bossio 10 November, 2018

En respuesta a

Un crack Tute... Gracias, Anabella. Y vamos por más!!!

By: diego 13 November, 2018

Brillante Stormtrooper !! vamos a tratar de reponerle el uniforme a Tute.. jajajaj!!! Abraccio e ci vediamo!!

By: Marta Elena Bonetti 21 November, 2018

Hermosa la historia Miguel y no estaria mal una segunda temporada.Me alegra y emocina leer tus escritos aunque me tome mi tiempo ja.ja yo que esperaba una vida más tranqui como jubi. Abrazo Miguel Angel

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