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And you, are you sweet potato?

You and your partner, would they be defined as sweet potato? I knew this expression from Mendoza that is a little forgotten, but it always looks good.

How we talk
Y vos, ¿sos camote?

Spring is coming. Birds wake us up at dawn and flowers emerge with their geometric shape over the parks and gardens. And with it, love blooms. And, if love blooms, it shows itself.  Couples walk hand in hand, in love, demonstrating their condition as sweet potato.  

We must explain that sweet  potato is a tuber with sweet taste, potato like size and violet peel. Elsewhere it is known as sweet potato. It is a very nutritious food, which can be prepared in the oven, boiled, in a microwave. Although one of its best versions is   sweet potato cake. 

That said,  we must now explain how an innocuous vegetable, almost imperceptible in any vegetable shop, became one of the most used adjectives by Mendoza some years ago. It will be because of its sweet taste or, simply, because of the occurrence of people.  The truth is that in Mendoza we say sweet potato to the person who spends too much time with his partner.

It is a phenomenon that usually occurs at the stage of infatuation.  At the beginning of a relationship. When butterflies rise in the tummy and everything seems perfect in the other person. There is no time to get together with   friends , to go for a drink, to go out to dinner, to play ball or watch a movie.  There is no time for family, study or work. All we care about is our partner.  When we are with her we don't answer the cell phone and we just think about that moment, that we want it to be eternal.

If you ever went through a similar stadium, you were sweet potato. Or you were re sweet potato. Or they were re sweet potatoes with your partner.

 The age of sweet potato 

One can be sweet potato at any age, just love knocks on our door. It is true that  the average age of sweet potato is between 16 and 23 , to put an age range. But let's remember, remember when we walk the sidewalks of our  city , and the truth is that sweet potato doesn't understand ages.  Couples are caramelized at any age. Adults also abandon some of their usual practices for a new partner they meet at older age.  Even the family that may have formed with another person also often falls aside at the stage of love.

 Synonyms for camote 

 “ Ass and pants”,  the most vulgar of all, and that, even, applies even to a couple of friends or friends who look permanently. But couples in love are also known as  “pegotes”, “full time”, “full time” or “all inclusive”. 

Tell him how you tell him, you probably were a sweet potato sometime in your life, or you will be later. The important thing is to know the terminology and know that, if you walk along the  pedestrian Sarmiento  or some square in the city of Mendoza, and they yell “sweet potato” at you, it is because you are showing love with your partner in an unmeasure way.

Publication Date: 18/09/2020

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