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And look at what irony, dear...

“I don't give you anything...” so follows the famous song “Irony” by the Rodrigo Bueno Colt. Are we the Cordobses so ironic? Here we tell you.

How we talk

 One of the hits  that revolutionized the quartet nationally and that led the Colt to glory was “Irony”. A quadratazazazazazazazo that made half a country feel identified. Is it because we're too ironic ? With a couple of daily phrases that do. We love to use irony as a literary resource to put magic to our dialogue.  And leave our recipients on the face.  

 1. Ole meno 

“Ole meno” is the most used expression when you have in front of an enlarged one (which happens are in Cordoba). The “ole meno” is then accompanied by a “what it was”. And it  expresses a little indignation at some humidation that becomes enlarged.

 2. Ole soft 

“Ole soft” has more or less the same connotation of “ole meno. ” I just wants to express that a person is very heavy. That's why, with irony, we say he's soft. Actually, we mean it's heavy! Or nightmazo , we say here.

 3. What not 

This is the rhetorical question that leaves everyone speechless. And that means “yes” with all the letters.  After the “go”, “what not” is the affirmative answer most frequently used in Cordovan lands. In fact, it has even its own viral: that of a “T” fan that, sucking, does not stop saying “what not. ” Look at him here.


 4. It's easy 

When we are faced with a very difficult situation, we say “it's easy. ” We don't know if it's because we love irony or because we like to use positive words and get it cool. If you have to convince someone, but you see it very difficult, you say “it's easy. ” If you find yourself in a very cool situation, you say “ta easy. ” If someone doesn't answer your phone for three days in a row, you say,  “It's easy to talk to you, culiau.  ”

With these small phrases used in the everyday life of Cordobese and Cordobese, you're sure to start to be a lover of irony. Like us.

Publication Date: 05/06/2020

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