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According to a study, the Cordobeses are...

We tell you in this note about the scientific study that details how the rest of the country sees the Cordobeses, according to their way of speaking.

How we talk

The story begins with   scientific research   which are aimed at analyzing the tones and prejudices that revolve around them. In this case, it is a study based on the   tonada de los cordobeses   and all the ideas that are triggered when someone listens to a Cordovan talk.   UBA   and it is an investigation of character   sociolinguistic   in which interviews are conducted that attempt to unmask people's imaginaries of a Cordovan, the title of the research is “The perception of Cordovan speech”. And it was published in 2015 in the   official magazine of the Institute of Linguistics   from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The idea of this group of linguists is also to identify the sensations, emotions and prejudices that the Cordovan tonada arouses.

  How did they do it  

The results were obtained through   hearing tests and questionnaires   . The auditory perception test included recordings with extracts of phrases pronounced by Cordobese, “balanced by sex, age and social class.” For control, “natives of Buenos Aires and Tucumán, both sexes, were included.” The listeners who gave their perspectives were Argentines from different regions of the country.

After a series of hearing sequences and questions around them, listeners had to take a step further.   12 adjectives associated with Cordovan   listened to. “From what you heard, do you think   this person is vague, hardworking, quiet, sympathetic, cultured, sarcastic, self-confident, serious, selfish, funny, boring or village   ? ”. It was so that the Cordobeses were described as funny and supportive. They were also identified as villerinos.

  Funny, fun and supportive  

The study concludes that the Cordobeses see us as “funny, funny and supportive, but little cultured and very populerino”. So, we continue to perpetuate “the   stereotype   that associates the Cordovan character with the   humor and joke   ”. What do you think? I just hope that, in all these years, perception has changed a little.

Publication Date: 23/05/2020

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