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A thousand and one ways to say yes

The Cordobeses don't disgust anything. That's why we have a thousand and one ways of saying yes. We tell you the most frequent ones.

How we talk
decir que si

We Cordobses say to everything yes. That is why we have a  thousand ways  to convey to our interlocutors a  positive opinion  . A  “give it going.”  That's right,  we turn on at all . Luckily, our  ingenuity and creativity  accompany us. So, every time we want to say yes, we have a new form. Here we made a brief selection of the most used ways to give you forward in Córdoba.

These expressions can be used as a response to proposals, to comments, they can serve to close a deal or a meeting. Even to prove that you agree with what was said. They're  jokers  of our vocabulary. And they are also like  repeated figurine , because we use them  all the time !

 1.  Goal

Of unknown origin. This expression is also used in northern Argentina and in  the Cuyo area . However, we Cordobeses also made it our own. Therefore, if you are invited to take a fernet, to a meeting or  whatever , with a simple “goal” you are committed. It can be used for any type of plan. The Cordobeses are going to say “goal” to everything. Because you're never gonna hear a “no” from us.

 2. Vevo go 

This is  a Cordovan expression  par excellence. She went viral by a video at the Mona dance. And from that moment on, it is part of the glossary of all Cordovan. A “vé vó” can be used to say that you agree with what has been said. That's okay with you, yes. It's an affirmation, an emphasis. And we love to say it. If the concordance is a lot, and there is much to emphasize, one more see can be added to it: “Vé vé vé”.

 3. Yesterday 

It's one of the most modern forms of Cordovan. Shall we go on vacation together? He's going on vacation yesterday. The meaning is like a “it was, yes.” The idea of this expression is to generate the idea that what was proposed is so good, that it was already done.

 4. From the sea front 

A Cordovan shape par excellence, and ancient alike. With thousands of variants. Front sea, marcelo front, omar front, oscar front, and more... They all mean the same thing: better!

 5. Chest 

“De peeeeechhh”, a Cordovan can tell you if he is very mutiny. “Chest”, “from one”, “front”, all synonyms to say a “yes” bigger than a house.

“ Let's go to the dance?

—From peeeech

Did you have any doubts?

Publication Date: 19/09/2020

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