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A glossary of the healers of Neuquén

When traditional medicine does not work, neuquins turn to Mapuche healers. We share a glossary with some terms they use.

How we talk

Possibly every city in the country has a healer. Inside, where  tradition  is strong, people visit it sometime in their life. It can be because of an empacho (tummy pain), a “look” or a love sickness. The truth is that,  when traditional medicine fails , for many, there is no choice but to visit the healer. In the province of  Neuquén  Mapuche healers step hard. Not only do they receive the daily visit of Neuquins and Rionegrinos, but they have their own  hospital . Mapuche medicine starts from  a very different worldview  than we are used to. Consequently, the words they use require a special glossary.

Here are some:

  •  Kutran:  It means disease. This occurs when the balance with  nature is broken. If someone breaks it, that imbalance manifests itself on the physical or psychological plane. For Mapuches the disease occurs when the man is in his most vulnerable state. That is, when his condition of “che” (person) has weakened.
  •  Wekufe or wekufü:  Aludes to all the negative and unknown that exists and that can cause kutran or disease. For Mapuches the disease occurs in an energy type.
  •  Weda newen : These are negative energies handled by some people to harm or harm others.
  •  The tawün : It is a mysterious and magical ceremony that takes place during the night. Its goal is to harm someone's life and natural growth through the person's clothing that will be damaged.  The fuñapue , on the other hand, seeks to cause the death of a person, preparing him harmful food.

 Glossary of specialists 

  •  Machi : He is in charge or in charge of natural healing. He is the only person authorized to establish a direct bridge with the creative spirits and the ngen (protective spirits).
  •  Lawenche, meica or herbatero : It is the person who has gifts to know the properties of healing herbs and natural remedies.
  •  Ngütamchefe : He is the person who knows the shape, functions and position of bones and responsible for composing them. It is also known as a  boner or boner .
  •  Püñeñelchefe : A person specializing in maternity and with knowledge of how a child should be born.

Publication Date: 17/02/2020

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