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8 ways to tell someone you like

Chamuyeros and chamuyeras add to the creation of a whole lexical corpus around the art of pyroping. How do we say that someone we like it in Cordoba?

How we talk

All Argentines have a  special ability  to tell us nice things and win the  heart  of the person we like. In this case, there are some tips to call that being who  flies your coconut.  Because the art of   chamuyar    leads us to exploit our  creative spirit. 

 1. Colt, filly 

 One more animal adds to the Cordovan dictionary  .  “What filly,” “what little potrillito,”  are ways to call someone who is cute. This term is used with thousands of variants:  potrazo and potraza   are the most used. 

 2. Storm e' facha 

Because in Córdoba we can't say that someone  is a fachero or fachera , here directly people are  a storm e' facha. 

 3. Rich, rich 

Whatever if it were a fernetazo, in this land we say  rich  or  rich  to the person who falls in love with you.

 4. A little paint! 

This saying comes from there far,  we used it for many years and it  does not go out of fashion. The person you like is a  little paint .

 5. Chula or pimp 

 Pimp daddy, cool mommy . Where did this term come from? We'll never know. What we are sure is that it is a  word  used a  thousand ago! 

 6.  Criminal

To say that a guy or a girl you like, you can say he  's criminal.  Or   “it's pal crime.”  

 7. Papita pa'l parrot 

A pyropazo:  “You're papita pa'l parrot,” it's like saying  “tas pa 'eat kisses.”  

 8. Tá pá... 

This is a  chamuyo that can be customized.  “ Tá pa break it”, “Tá pa eat it”, “Tá pa'l crime”... And so infinitely.

*The detail of the apocope, that is, the suppression of the last syllable of the preposition “for”, adds eroticism and intensity to the declaration of  love .


That we should not confuse pyrope or chamuyo with harassment. If you don't know the person, if you think they can make them feel uncomfortable, or if there is no consent, it's not a pyrope. It's harassment.

Only if  there is wave , reciprocal, consent was expressed or know each other, these words can function as a pyrope.  Before you pyrop, make sure that the other person feels safe and comfortable with the comment you're going to say.  

Publication Date: 10/09/2020

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