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6 phrases from the language of the caravan

We Cordobeses have languages for all kinds of events. On this occasion, we will tell you the language of the Cordovan caravan.

How we talk

If there's something that identifies all Cordobés, it's that we're partymen. With any excuse, or  no excuse . Any time and any day of the week. With any musical genre (although preferably quartet). And whatever the drink in the middle (though hopefully it's  fernet ). So,  we always have a party . No matter what happens. That's why we have a  special dictionary  dedicated especially to these occasions when  we're going to caravan .

1.  The Cordobeses  don't set up the party,  they paint the caravan. 

So, when he paints, he paints. We set up a caravan out of nowhere, and suddenly, you have 80 monkeys waving a  quatrateazzo . You think it's wrong? I assure you, if you're coming to a Cordovan caravan, you're going to look great.

2. The Cordobeses don't have a hangover,  so fried 

After a Cordovan night, you are most likely to have a hangover. Cordovan does not really have a hangover,  the cordovan  ta fried.

3. The Cordobeses don't have drinks, they  sneaking. 

Cordovan was just like the gods. A 70/30 or a  pritiau , whatever is good if it's going out dancing.

4. The Cordobeses don't see an excellent plan, they tell you that  ta mortal. 

To any promising proposal, the  answer  will be:  “Mortal Ta”  or  “vevó”  or  “of a”  . If a Cordovan answers you like that, it's because he does, he accompanies you in that one.

5. Cordobeses don't instigate a party,  they shake. 

If you're looking forward to it,  shake a band at you . From shaking in the WhatsApp group, to  shaking  the birthday boy to celebrate. Or  make it cool  to convince everyone to go out of the caravan together.  Cordovan is par excellence an agitator. 

6. The Cordobeses are not a handle,  they mutinate. 

If there is something that causes excitement, anxiety, handle, it is  the caravan . Faced with a good proposal,  the Cordovan is mutinated  and will shake everyone so that they are just as mutineers as he does.

Are you ready to go for a caravan yet?

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Publication Date: 15/05/2020

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