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5 steps to speak Cordoba without errors

We have already provided a lot of tips to speak well Cordoba. Now we summarize everything in a step-by-step guide with which you can learn on the touch.

How we talk
5 pasos para hablar cordobés

In Córdoba, as in other provinces, we are a little tired of being imitated. Especially that they laugh at our tune. But the worst of the worst is when they imitate us badly. To make your Cordoba version of yourself,you have to follow a couple of steps . We will do it well in Creole, sothat you understand everything perfectly.I'll learn to speak Cordovan .

1. To put a tune onit

  1. Identify the accentuated syllable in the word: “Example”
  2. Extend the syllable before the accentuated: “eeexample”

If the accentuated syllable is the first, you do nothing. It's the main mistake a bad Cordovan copycat makes.The elongation of the syllables is not given anywhere. Table, tree, paw - all those words remain as they are . Because the first syllable is the one with the accent.

In linguistic terms, the elongation would be located in the pretonic syllable, that is, in the syllable before the tonic. But here we are to do it in cryoios terms, Dad!

2. To name people

  1. Add an article below: “La Bianca”, “El Leo”
  2. Identify a quality of your physical appearance or personality and give it a nickname based on this: “Cara e' poio”, “pelau”

We humour the guide with a cordobesazo joke:

He says there was a Cordovan at the dance, and he sees a boy who falls in love with him.

So he's coming up, they start dancing and he asks her name.

She says, “Guess, start with L.”

He starts throwing names to see if he guesses: Leonor, Lucia, Ludmila, Lorraine.

And she said, “No, no, no.” The guy didn't hit him on any of them.

Until she gave up and she decided to tell her her name: her name was “La Norma”.

3. Letters that are not named

In Córdoba we like to eat a couple of letters. This makes pronunciation easier and saves us a lot of time. We tell you which letters do not exist in Córdoba.

  • Do not pronounce the final “s”: the eraser of the map
  • Do not pronounce “x” or the combination “cs”: does not exist.
  • Not to pronounce the “c” in front of a “t”: if you pronounce it, it's a defect. Eye at this point! When the accentuated syllable precedes the “ct”, it is pronounced . Doctor is a dotor, but Docta is learned. Contactis contact, but touch is touch. Tamo?

4. To pronounce how it should be

  • You have to change the letters “y” or “ll” that are pronounced “sh” , to an “i” if you want to be well Cordoba. To learn this phonetic change there is a little word game that can help you:

“ Iamo iamo iesica iolanda, I live in the caie iapeiu, I take iogur de frutiia and go to the beach with maia amariia”

Hey, eye! When the i joins with the “ll”, as in the case of strawberry and yellow, the voice sounds extend a little further, supplanting the two phonemes .

It should be clarified that many people deny this identity feature of the Cordovan language. So it is supplanted or corrected by a vibrant “y” medium, which generates an intermediate sound between the “sho” and the “io” .In linguistics this phenomenon is known as yeism or zeism, respectively .

  • You have to stop pronouncing the “r” as you knew it.

And yes, being Cordoba means a little to set aside some pre-established things. The “r” is pronounced as an “eshe”. Thus, the words dog, clothing, iron, remain as pesho, shopaand fiesho, if you are cordobés. Anyway, it is an intermediate sound like the “y” vibrant mediumthat we present above.

5. For augmentative

  • Add as many augmentations as possible.From the suffix “azo/aza” to the augmentative “onononón ” . Because in Córdoba we are exaggerated and we emphasize the sentences a lot.
  • Add all connectors made inCórdobathat you can think of.

Examples of connectors: what do I know (wanted), say, say, ehte, vite, put and from there (y'deay), maomeno, avece, noknew, know what, out there (poráy), tonce and thousands more.

Publication Date: 14/07/2020

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