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5 sayings you didn't know

Villa del Rosario, like every town of Cordoba, has its collection of authentic sayings in the area. We tell you 5 sayings and their meanings. You didn't know them...

How we talk
5 dichos que no conocías

 Villa del Rosario  is a village located 78 km from the city of Cordoba. So close and so far away, he keeps his  mysterious sayings with particular stories. This is an area where migratory flows prevailed, mostly Italians. This is reflected in the language and phraseology. Within the department of Rio Segundo, this town has  sayings of its authorship that give  an authentic touch to the Cordovan language .  We tell you what are...

1. More crouched than tero de quinta

Do you have an idea what this saying means? The tero is a wader that is quite territorial. He makes nests at the ground level, and when he sees predators nearby, he crouches to  distract or confuse them.  So this saying refers to  lying or deceptive people who misrepresent reality in  order to achieve their own  interests.

2. “He walked Santina who comes the vent”

A saying that comes  directly from Piedmont,  but obviously has some Spanish brands. It means, “Come on, Santina, the wind is coming,” and it intends to throw a person out of the place. Indirectly, and a little friendly. It  's also used to warn  you're already leaving.

3. Don Seguro was killed in the war.

This phrase comes from a well-known one, which is used throughout the Argentine territory : “Surely they took him prisoner.” According to the scholars of the language this saying  “comes from the Spanish saying: 'A Segura was taken prisoner. 'The castle of Segura de la Sierra - located in Jaén - functioned as a prison, so it can be thought that the term 'safe' would be a mere deformation of the name of this prison.” 

4. Any ranch gets glass

This saying refers to  pretentious or ambitious people  who appear more than they have. The metaphorical meaning alludes to that a ranch, for us is a humble dwelling with sheet metal roof and without windows; And glass, on the other hand, is a luxury material, which is usually not part  of this type of constructions. 

5. Do you know how they tell him? “Chest Wing”, from afar looks “roast” and close is “pot”

 “ It refers to a cut of meat that usually complements the roast. Because of its fat content, it is usually included in the preparation of the pot (meat stew, vegetables and legumes). The latter term is contemptuously used to name the homosexual person.” This is  a homophobic saying , as it uses  a derogatory term to name a sexual orientation.  Therefore, it is not worthy to be spread or repeated, but it is recognized in order to change our ways of expressing and thinking. In addition, this saying reflects the creativity and humor that characterizes this population. But also a conservative and discriminatory idiosyncrasy.

This collection of sayings is the product of  academic and linguistic research  by the National University of Córdoba and its professionals. This is a work around  the languages spoken of Córdoba.  A project that recognizes that  each corner has its magic and creativity.  Although the features of Cordovan in general are maintained, each locality has its peculiarities. And the sayings reflect it.

This group of professionals was responsible, in view of the International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE),  to investigate Cordovan in all its expressions.  With different dynamics, the results were amazing. For example, this enumeration of the regional phraseology of Villa del Rosario yielded these 5 funny results,  reflecting a bit of the local culture.

And you... did you know any of these sayings? Are any of these sayings used in your region?

Publication Date: 08/08/2020

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