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5 phrases to say something “tá mortal”

In Cordoba you have to be clear on a couple of questions. For example, what to say when something is good. “Tá mortal” is not the only option.

How we talk

In Córdoba we developed  a parallel lexicon  that depends on many factors.  Tonada, cadence, context and creativity  are some of them. On other occasions we knew how to clarify that there are  phonetic and phonological phenomena  that only occur here. That's why it's   one of the most particular tunes in  the country . Besides, what makes this tune specific are  the customs we have , whose mentions  are always very funny. In this case the idea is to share 4 phrases that are usedto say that something is good or “tá mortal”, also to say that everything is going well .  These are expressions we use  to flatter  our friends or acquaintances. Phrases that  give encouragement,  that tell you that  “you're doing well” . Because, in addition to being creative,  we like to recognize the talents of others.And also to emphasize, in a positive way, when something is going well .  These phrases  go like crazy .

 1. Take her out and dance. 

From our quartteapot tradition comes this divine phrase that applies  to all the facts of life.It means you have it so clear about something that you can take it out to dance .  There are several examples or contexts where this phrase can be used. In football, for example, you can tell your friend  “take her out to dance”  if he made  a good move.If he threw a  Chilean , a moist, or if he made a hit .  It can also be used when you do  a trick,  whatever, and it goes well. Or when you manage to fix something  on the touch.  

 2. Tás briando 

This expression means  “you are shining” , but with the  phonetic phenomena and the magic  that we put the cordobeses to the pronunciation remains like this.  You're all right . This concept is used when someone is at a good time in their life or  “tá luquiando”,  that is,  winning everywhere. 

 3. I had her tied up .

 This expression  comes more  from sports . However, it spread to all areas. And, today, anyone who is a specialist in something or knows how to handle something very well  “has it tied”. It can be   academic or pragmatic. If a sommelier comes to explain  all the vines  of the wine and tell you his opinion, you can say  , “uh, brother, keep it tied.”  If your friend comes to arm  himself and he  's perfect, you know:  he's tied up.  

This is explained from the field of ball sports, be it football, hockey, basketball or rugby. Whatever you think of. Since it alludes to that if you practice any of those sports very well, it's because you have the ball tied up.

Other stories about this saying  go back to the 19th or 20th century,  alluding to  “having the cow tied” . But that's another story,  in Córdoba we always invent our own.  

 4. Like crazy 

 As a madman  , it can be  an affirmation or an incitement.It serves to emphasize that something is deadly .  That “goes crazy.” While it might give the impression, at first glance, that this is some  negative connotation.Actually, it's a compliment .  If they tell you the fernet tá  “like crazy”,  it's because you did everything right. You just have to be careful when they call you  “ta coqueao”,    you could have sent it to you  .  

 5. It goes like a trumpet. 

This doesn't mean a threat, or that you  're going to eat a boio.  It means  everything's fine. It goes like  Johnny's stew,  like trumada .  It serves to express that something is going forward, that it's okay, that  it's going crazy. You can   add some chimichurri. That is, some phrase  that exacerbates intent. “ It goes like trumped 'ninja', for example . 

So these are the ways to approve some gesture, deed or action that works well for the moment.  If you hear any of these phrases ,  relax and enjoy that your stay in Cordoba goes like trumada.  

And, in your province, what do they say when  something is deadly ?

Publication Date: 22/07/2020

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