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5 phrases or words you have to know to come to Mendoza

To ask for an address or eat something typical of Mendoza. You need to know these phrases or words that
How we talk
5 frases o palabras que tenés que conocer para venir a Mendoza
28 November, 2019

Mendoza, like every region of our country, have our special way of referring to certain things or situations. In Mendoza we translate or explain some words or expressions that you can hear if you come to visit. So that you don’t stay with the face of those who suddenly remember who left the door unlocked, here are their meanings.

Sopaipillas: the rest of the country knows them as “fried cake”. It is a dough of wheat flour and fat. They are fried and can be served savoury or sweet. The term was imported from Chile, given the proximity of Mendoza to that country. Example: “I will prepare sopaipillas to accompany the mate.”

Pando: is the word that defines how shallow or shallow a pool, a river, a lake or any accumulation of water. “Tell the Nico that you can in, it’s pandito.”

Choco: in Mendoza, synonymous with dog. “I don’t even go into the neighbor’s house to get the ball, it’s got some bad shocks.”

Topar: action of a street or road that ends in some infrastructure, construction or natural accident. “To go to the warehouse you have to take General Paz. Where he stumbles, you turn right and there you have him on the left hand.”

“ Go cry to Calvary”: when someone complains or laments about something that can no longer change, here we send him to cry to Calvary. This proverb refers to the Via Crucis of Calvary of the Parish of the Carrodilla, in Luján de Cuyo, of which, traditionally, the Mendoza people have always been very devoted. “If you don’t like what there is to eat, cry to Calvary.”

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