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5 Cordobeses verbs

We tell you 5 Cordobese verbs that are used in every situation and that, if you don't know, you can not understand anything. Take note!

We Cordobeses have an  inexhaustible creativity  .  Which is not only reflected in our  sense of humor,  but also in  our way of speaking.  Therefore, we approach you the definition of 5 verbs that, if you don't know them, you risk  being donated.  These are expressions that we use without realizing that they can't understand us. Since they are part  of the Cordovan code  , these verbs  are common  in the colloquial register.

 1. Junar 

It is a term of the lunfardo that  almost all Argentines use  . But in Cordoba a lot is used. To make someone angry, you can say, “Who did you go to juna a vo?”. Or, if there's something you don't have a clue about, you can say, “I don't even get it together.”  Junar  means looking, but we use it more as a synonym of knowing or knowing.

 2. Roothine 

The  mutinar  verb is our favorite. We love to mutinate, face, handle. Rooting is the  expression  we use when we're in one. When we are anxious and eager for a situation to happen, for example.

 3. Give it the cane 

Chordobese buchones do not buchonean, they  give the cane . It's a verb with a  negative connotation. It means betting someone, either with the police or friends. It's the verb that says you told a secret. To be a good friend in Cordoba, you never have to give the hair to someone.

 4. Eating your snot 

That's what we do in the  quarantine , basically. Eat our snot. Tell yourself about the situation in which  you are bored, donated or given away.   You don't know what to do , then you eat your snot.

 5. Getting face/being donated 

To be  on your face, regalau  or  donau  means to be hung. Without understanding. We made the explanation of all these verbs so that you  won't stand  up in any conversation. I mean, so you can understand everything and don't eat your snot. So you can chat in Cordovan and you  won't be donated. Tamos? 

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