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4 ways to tell the cordovan colations

There is a recipe that is the richest in Cordoba (after the fernet). Collations are a bomb and we tell you how we tell them.

How we talk
4 formas de decirles a las colaciones cordobesas

Have you tried this recipe yet? It is a food of Cordoba origin that, in addition to a thousand names, has a unique flavor. Cordovan colations are found in all bakeries in the province. It is a snack with lots of sweet milk and glaze. If you have cravings for something sweet and Cordovan, it's the perfect choice. It is one of the most beloved treats in Córdoba. In addition, you can make a house . In this province is the most famous sweet recipe. That's why we have several ways of telling you. The most popular name and spread throughout the country for this traditional recipe of Córdoba is collation. This is the safe term. However, there are other ways to call him. We tell you so you don't get confused. If you come to Córdoba and want a snack, ask for it like this:

1. Collations

This delicacy can work as breakfast, snack or dessert... hence comes its classic name: collation ”.

2. Tongue

Inside Cordoba you can find this delicious bite. You just have to change his name. In the vicinity of the city of Córdoba, they are called tongue.

3. Tray

The colation is like a tray of dough filled with sweet milk and dipped in glaze. That's why some Cordoba ordered them in the bakery as little trayers.

4. Little Fuentecites

This sweet or homemade delicacy is also known as “ fuentecitas”. They're a delight!

According to a Cordovan dictionary, collations are defined as:

1. Food eaten between the main meals to calm the hambrozononón (veasé Cormillot).

2. Cordovan delicacy very appreciated by the diva of phones, it is similar to half alfajor, it is composed of a base of sweet dough, on top of this sweet milk, all coated with a bath of sugar, can sometimes carry nuts.

For lovers of sweet, this is a pleasure bomb. In Córdoba, we use them for gluttony and say guleros to people who love good food and delight with treats . As they serve for all hours, it is a good choice for when you have guests. Whether it is in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, delight it with some delicious cordobesazas tongue .

In Ser Argentino we share the recipe, clicking here. But first, we want to know... Are there any collations in your province? What do you call them?

Publication Date: 13/07/2020

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