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20 typical Argentine phrases

Argentine ingenuity gives for everything. We tell you some typical phrases from our country.

How we talk
frases típicas

In Argentina we use a myriad of phrases that only those who are from these lands understand. That is why we have devised a kind of dictionary where you can review the meaning of the words and phrases used daily by Argentines.

 The witty chaco phrases 

  1. “ Hold on, Catalina! “: when some accidental  problem  or a difficult situation to live arises, this expression is used.
  2. “ A gallop lying! “: when riding a horse, it would be to go at full speed.
  3. “ A paw”: walk to some destination on foot without any  vehicle  .
  4. “ Aaaaaaay, there's time I can't find myself! “: it is used to be going through a really unpleasant or bad moment.
  5. “ Lost oxen” - to highlight those people who are not thinking about anything or are rambling. For example, looking at two  young people  looking at the moon it is common to hear “look at the lost oxen... ¨.
  6. “ At a shotgun shot”: it tells the closeness between a person, place or object. To highlight how close we are to a kiosk, we will say “Go buy, if it is a shotgun shot”.
  7. “ Daddy monkey with green bananas! “: Someone quotes this phrase when they are underestimated by  someone else. The meaning is to let you know that it is difficult to deceive you because of your great wisdom.
  8. “ Buey buey”: say of a person who is constantly in search of news or matters that do not concern him. Simply put it is gossip or gossip.
  9. “ Prickly, squabale! “: used to direct dogs to attack, search or frighten a person or other animal.
  10. “ Shirt with eleven poles”: when a situation becomes a complicated problem it is defined as this. For example, if in the week we have an exam in college, “this is sure to be an eleven wand shirt.”
  11. “ Chiflar el breg/me chifla el catfish”: both expressions suitable to highlight hunger. You want to eat unusually in such a way that he doesn't let you think of anything other than food to whom he says it.
  12. “ In step cañazo”: when the opportunity arises to perform some action and you want to take advantage of it. It is used when going to the supermarket and when buying we find an offer is said “by way canazo i take this”. It replaces the famous “since we are here”.
  13. “ Erra the dog! Erra the dog! “: expresses the desire for someone to fail in his task. It is usually used in sports, to wish the opposing team to lose when performing a score. For example, in football, when the rival team of which we are fans approaches the goal area, we enunciate this phrase.
  14. “ Sparking”: rushing at maximum speed somewhere. It's even used when you're in a hurry to reach your destination.
  15. “ As a toad without water” - highlights the sadness of a person. Who is sad about some events, event experienced action.
  16. “ For nothing”: when the action is done too late and no longer makes sense to do it. For example if we deliver a job out of time knowing that we won't get paid for it, “I did it as a bucket.”
  17. “ The year of the ñaupa”: alludes to the fact that they will never complete or perform any task. It can also mean a very distant year or without having accuracy of the same.
  18. “ The day of the archer” - marks a lack of accuracy, like the previous expression, towards a certain action to be completed. When we have to cut the grass of our house but we don't know when we will end up being a huge courtyard, we'll say, “I'm going to end the day of the archers.”
  19. “ It's a pope”: it determines excellence, the maximum, how great a person, situation or object is.
  20. “ Juira! “: replaces the “outside”, running an animal or person from the place where it is located.

This is how we use the different phrases in Argentina. We hope you have liked the enumeration of some expressions used in a witty way and at times fun by the inhabitants of this country.

Publication Date: 24/02/2021

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