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13 words you need to know (Part II)

In Entre Ríos, some expressions may leave you disoriented. There are 13 words you need to know yes or yes. Take note!

 Entrerrians  have that particular way of talking that sets them apart from the rest. It can be a tonada, an expression or weird words that leave more than one recalculating.  That entrerriano didn't have to give explanations after applying for a horse? Or to consider that an action doesn't have a gullet?  How many times did a tourist ask scared what this is about  to spark ? An important clarification is that the inhabitants of the province of  Entre Ríos  speak light. So, if you want to follow the talk, take a quick note of these 13 words and  expressions  that you need to know.

Shall we start?

 1- Caballito : It is the position where one leads up to the other on the back (cococho).

 2-   Cachiquengue  : Flashing. Example: “Order that cachiquengue right now.”

 3- Carpir : Cut the grass. But it is also said to flee suddenly. Example: “Carpishing came out.”

 4- Catinga:  Strong, unpleasant odor. Example: “What a smell of catinga”.

 5- Chinguiado : Twisted, deviated. It is pronounced “chinguiáu”. Example: “I have big booties, I always get chinguiau for that side”.

 6- Sparkling : When it rains gently. Example: “Ta starting to spark”

 7- Churrasquera : Place where the best  roasts  in the country are cooked. Buenos Aires equivalent: grill

 8- Pussy : Physical punishment that consists of sticking with the fist closed on the head who


 9- Joke face : Mild insult. It is pronounced “careguasca.”

 10- Camorra : Conflict between people maliciously and intentionally provoked with the aim of triggering a fight. Example: “Hey, che! stop looking for camorra vó.”

 11- Camorrero : The person looking for camorra is told. Buenos Aires equivalent: quilombero,  barabrava .

 12- Calorito : Better known as water heater for the thermos.

 13- Colero : It is the “gummy” that serves to tie hair.

You know, when you visit Entre Ríos, these are 13 words and  expressions  that you can't miss.

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