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10 Cordovan phrases and their songs

Because our expressions not only enrich us as people, they also enrich the artistic, literary and musical realm...

How we talk
10 frases cordobesas

 Because Cordoba artists and musicians also use the rich repertoire of Cordoba and its creations.  Because there is no other way to prove who we are or talk about what we feel,  if we don't use   our original and own terminology  . Because Cordovan is much more than just  a way of speaking ...  there are many ways to talk and feel life! . Therefore, in this note I show you 10 words with their songs, 10 terms that found their place in the musical field and were sung by our favorite artists. But before we start, we're going to do the introduction with the  quatrateazzo  of La Banda de Carlitos...

Córdoba is looked at in a very special way
 we have all the pike when it comes
to making you talk
 where you want me to go  die to hear us speak  with the tonada and
we always talk about the sea front.

 My Córdoba is hard head because humor is of quality
we have the Mole Moli, the skinny Pailo and much more 
now put a pile on everything I'm going
to teach you so that you are not in balls, this is the language of my city... 

1. Cara'e

Used in derogatory and/or holiday nicknames  alluding to physical features : Cara'e poio, Cara'e elbow, Cara'e lampazo, etc.

 “ No one is perfect, nobody is perfect, to face e' pipe the truth is that I win gravity”  (Nobody is perfect,  Los Caligaris )

2. Billboard (adjective)

He has a good reputation and boasts of having it. Bragging, enlarged,  humid .

 “ He has a good heart, but he is a postcard”  (Carteludo, song by  La Mona Jimenez ).

3. Chomaso/ a (adjective)

It is an adjective that is used to express that something is mediocre, inferior or disliked at all.

 “ Cordovan does not say 'I don't like it, 'says ta chomaso”  (El Cordobés, song  by La Banda de Carlitos ).

4. Culiau (adjective)

Connotation and variable use, such as insult, admirative exclamation or appellative interjection.

 “ La Mole is a culiao, La Mole is a culiao and the world has taken over”  (His peculiar word, song).

5. Fernando (noun)

Created by a paronomastic game  with the name  Fernando, this is the name of the drink obtained from the mixture of fernet with soda cola.

With first name and surname is  Fernando Bladys:  in honor of the quarteter

6. Pipicucou

 Finally registered  in the Dictionary of Americanisms (RAE, 2010). It means nice, cute, synonymous with the Cordovan voices  “mortal” and “fierce” 

 “ Cuckoo pee, cuckoo pee, come, come dance that this is cuckoo pee” (Cuckoo  Pipi,  Damian Córdoba )

7. Pirate

Nickname of the football team,  the swollada  and  Club Atlético Belgrano de Córdoba. 

 “ I am from high cordoba where is “La Gloria”, Or in Jardín Espinosa to workshops you see it and if you want I'll take you to Alberdi where are the heavenly ones: my cordovan pirate.” (I'm Cordobés,  El Potro Rodrigo )

8. Pritiau

By derivation from the trademark, the  wine mixture with Pritty soda is thus called. 

 “ This mix is good neighborhood, not for posters... If it does not reach pa'l fernet, pritiau goes safe”  (El pritiau, song by  El Negro Ivan )

9. Cuete (noun)

It alludes to the cigarette  armed with cannabis .

 “ We don't want trials here we're not criminals, all we want is to smoke a good cuete.  ” (Smoked,  La Pata de la Tuerta )

10. Quartetena

Tell me  about the period currently being experienced  worldwide, known as “quarantine”, but that in Cordoba it joins with quartet and becomes quartetena.

 “ The quartetena mama, the quartetena, all the Cordobese tamo doing the quartetena”  (Quartetena,  Agustín Druetta )

 Between La Mona, La Pata de la Tuerta, El Potro Rodrigo and thousands of other artists,  we spread our worldview of the world and our way of expressing ourselves. That is why it is so valuable  to value our local repertoire , which shows a bit of our creativity and conforms us all as Cordobese and Cordobese.  Because being Cordovan  is much more than having tonada, and we have  to make our cultural heritage visible. 

Publication Date: 16/12/2020

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