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How we Argentines love

Tell me where you're from and I'll tell you how you love.
As we are
05 October, 2019

It seems that not only the language and lifestyle we difference with other countries.

The thrill also defines us as a society. Nothing new for those of us who make Ser Argentino, but let’s say that these data enrich and strengthen our position, in relation to the topic we are dealing with day by day.

A recent study “Love in the Digital Age” by the global consulting firm Havas Media distinguishes the positions in relation to love according to countries, culturaland religious factors


main differences are between those who prefer to seek love within their cultural structures and those who choose the technology. There are also those who must leave this decision in the hands of their relatives or religions and those who have their focus on the project of life, rather than on the person with whom to share it. According to the report, these are the four current forms of love:

The Passionate

Countries such as Italy, France, France Germany and Holland top the list of passionate people, who love the art of the seduction. They associate pleasure with random and are not pragmatic in terms of long-term. For them love is an adventure, with ups and downs but always surrounded by romance and seduction. In these countries 70% trust to find love in casual encounters, while less than 30% prefer a couple who do not complete them before to be alone.


This group is made up of China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. The ilovers think of love as a science that should not be left to the random. They believe in a rational approach to dating, rather than romance, and are open to receiving the necessary help to multiply the chances of getting together. In cases like gente/la-aventura-de-ser-mujer-en-ch

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