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Can you do El Buen Camino Without T.A.C.C??

I will tell you how celiacs can survive this beautiful experience of Santiago de Compostela.

Health and Esthetics

Good Way!!! That is the phrase in which all of us who pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela identifies us.
So I tell you my Good Way!! Departure from  Buenos Aires , flight through Iberia to Madrid. Compostela here we go!!!
During the flight I ate  without T.A.C.C ., and without problems. On all airlines you can book your ticket and order special food. (vegetarians, celiacs, etc.).

Before leaving  Buenos Aires , in full preparation for the trip, send to all the inns and hotels you were going to arrive, an email asking if they had breakfast  gluten-free .
We arrived in  Madrid , Barajas airport, from there we went to Chamartin station to take the train that would take us to Sarria, in it, I could eat some peanuts (peanuts) and potatoes (fries) free of gluten, to start our adventure!
For lunch and dinner, on the way, I always had the good vibe of the villagers who when I arrived asked them if they had at least one  salad , always the answer was, “Don't worry, we're going to prepare something for you”.
Quite a logistics. It's not easy for  celiacs  to go for a walk.
But the good thing, that with all this I always had the company of my  friends , with whom I shared this wonderful path.

 First stage - Sarria to Portomarín: 

Sarria greeted us with a sunny day. Every day we tried to leave early because at noon the Galician sun burned us, and it became harder to walk.
We stopped at the guest house Rua de Peregrino.
We had dinner at the Roberto Mesón, very good care, as long as I asked for food for celiacs, they said: “Don't worry, we still don't kill any celiac.”
We had breakfast in the same hotel, where there was  fruit , and bread for celiacs. All very well!

In this pension they gave us the passport or credential, which we should seal along the way, at least two stamps per day, to get them to give us the Compostela, in the Cathedral of Santiago.

 Second stage - Portomarin to Palas de Rei: 

Lunch was on the way, luckily I always arranged with a  soup  or a  salad  , which for me was enough, because in reality everyone tried to do so.We were going to have some light lunch so we could follow the road in the afternoon.
We arrived at the hotel, in this case it was, the Guest House El Padrino.
We had dinner at the Restaurant Casa Rodriguez, just like the night before, they prepared me a dinner according to what I requested by my condition, and all without problems!
Breakfast at the hotel was very good, there were different options, breads, cereals, fruit...
I tell you that I always travel with an emergency kit in my suitcase, how to be jam, some pack of salty cookies, sweets, and in some cases some can of  tuna , or tholem cheese. Both jam and cheese, once you open it you need fridge, which, if in the hotel the rooms have fridge everything ok, otherwise I asked at the hotel to store you in their fridge (I learned that it is called Refrigerator and No Fridge). And important, try to ask your doctor for an order saying that you need to carry gluten-free food in your luggage in case the airline or customs won't let you through. This is just in case, the order must have your first and last name, ID number, and the professional's signature.

 Third stage - Blades from Reí to Melide:  

Here we were surprised by the  rain , something we hadn't thought could happen to us, but we were prepared, with our fields, rain layers and even the shoes, so everything was fine. A little annoying but always thinking about the goal, we gave him forward.

As we always had lunch along the way, my rich  salad , sometimes lettuce and tomato, others could get some  carrot , or a hard boiled egg, which was often difficult because it seems that the eggs used in Galicia for the terrible tortillas!
We arrived at the Casa Camino Pension.
Dinner was at the restaurant Arenas Palas. They even offered me chips here. The waiter says to me: “We fried them apart, stay calm”
We had breakfast at the hotel, where they offered me great fruit.

 Fourth stage - Melide to Arzúa: 

Melide city famous for  octopus . Here I could not be faithful to my dear salad, when we arrived we found a restaurant called Garnacha, in which from a window a very friendly waiter invited everyone who passed through the place pieces of octopus to taste, and when he offered me I said, I can't, I explained to him why and he said: " quiet woman, I'm celiac too, I know how to handle this.”So it was amazing, they don't know how I enjoyed it!!

Dinner was very light, after such a lunch. Imagine.

In this hotel there was no  breakfast , its name was Pensión Pereiro, so we went out for breakfast in a bar, before starting our fifth stage, there I unfolded my medicine cabinet, my cookies and a fruit. It was all right.

 We reached the fifth stage - Arzúa a Pedrouzo: 

Hosteria A Fondo Do Norte

I went back to the load with the salad, there I was able to incorporate a little egg. Hahaha

My friends as always delighted with the local foods, which in sight were terrible!

In the evening it was a bit difficult to find where to eat because I trusted a blog where he recommended a place, we looked for it and it was no longer, so we walked for a long time through the streets of Arzúa until we found a restaurant. As I always went in and asked the person responsible, if there were chances that they could do something according to my needs, with all the care (without cross-contamination), they went to ask the chef, and very cordially told me to stay, that they would take all the measures.So great!!

 We start for the sixth stage - Pedrouzo to Compostela:  

We arrived at an inn called Santaia Casal de Calma. Divine place. We were able to enjoy their gardens and have some rich  matte . I want to emphasize the solidarity of my  friends  towards me, at all times, in this case of my dear friend Silvia, knowing that I can not share mate, with everyone (for a question that if the members of the matada, eat something with T.A.C.C, I can not share with them the same bulb), it took the job of bringing an extra  matte  and light bulb, so that I can enjoy the round of  mate , isn't she a genius?? And so everyone, my companions on the road. Mario, Graciela, Sergio, Silvina, Gustavo, and my life partner Osvaldo. Always looking to choose a place where I could eat. We spent a nice re afternoon!!

Dinner was at the same pousada, they were very aware of what it was like to be celiac, so I had dinner without problems. We have breakfast here too. I had my rich  breakfast , fruits, breads, jams...

It should be noted that all the way was crossed by the beautiful countryside of Galicia, forests, rivers, bridges, everything seemed to be stopped in time, a beauty for our eyes and our soul.

You walked with me, but sometimes you were alone with you. It's a one-way way way, it's a meeting with you, and so many things, hard to explain.

 We leave for the much-desired stage - Finally Santiago de Compostela: 

This is the Capitol Boutique Hotel.

Before arriving in Santiago, we had lunch very anxious, because we were there to reach our goal. Embrace Saint James!!!

It was an amazing experience, a great challenge for me and for the whole group.

As it is a big city Santiago de Compostela, it has many possibilities, to eat.You can find a Galician octopus, a rich, grilled veal, as well as a hake. But they always help you feel like you can eat just like everyone else.

The last meters before reaching the Cathedral, were very exciting, there were cries, cries of joy, hugs, something that can not be explained in words.

We had dinner in the Parador de los Reyes Católicos, in the Restaurant Dos Reis, the dinner was amazing, there is more than clear to eat  gluten-free .

The next day we went to hand over the credential of the Camino de Santiago duly stamped, and they handed us a document issued by the ecclesiastical authorities, which had our name in Latin.

After a long, but amazing “Gluten-Free Road”

We celiacs know that the most difficult thing for us is social life, but with patience on our side and willingness of the other everything is achieved. And of course, with the great help of all the people who walk next to me, “My friends of soul and life”, to them thank you, thank you!!! 

Publication Date: 21/09/2019

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By: Pablo Castellano 21 September, 2019

Hermoso relato. Hermosos momentos vividos por mis amigos del alma, como bien dice Lili. Felicitaciones Lili por tu empeño y tenacidad. Felicitaciones a todo el grupo por el sueño realizado.

By: Lic Liliana Almeida 23 September, 2019

En respuesta a

Gracias Pablo!!! La experiencia valió la pena!!! Gente de oro!!! Vamos por mas!!!

By: Sergio 21 September, 2019

Hermosa nota Lili !! Al leerla fui reviviendo esa increíble experiencia de recorrer juntos el camino de Santiago. Fue un placer compartir esa experiencia con Vos y el resto del grupo. Cuanto más vamos aprendiendo de esto de comer sin gluten, más te bancamos amiga!!

By: Lic Liliana Almeida 23 September, 2019

En respuesta a

Sergio vuelvo a agradecerte a vos y a todos los integrantes del grupo, porque me bancaron todo el tiempo, y no solo buscando lugares para comer, sino tratando de entender de que trata comer sin T.A.C.C. Todo eso hizo que la experiencia sea increible!!! Gracias totales!!!

By: Silvia 21 September, 2019

Felicitaciones por la nota! Muy completa y transmite confianza para que la celiaquia no sea un impedimento para disfrutar de esta experiencia.

By: Lic Liliana Almeida 23 September, 2019

En respuesta a

Gracias Silvia! Por eso quiero informar y dar confianza, no solo a los celíacos sino a sus familias y amigos. Colaborando entre todos se puede realizar esta y otras tantas experiencias de viaje!!!

By: Ignacio 22 September, 2019

Buenisimo, Lili! Bien informativo y divertido.

By: Lic Liliana Almeida 23 September, 2019

En respuesta a

Gracias Ignacio, esa es la idea!!!

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