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What to eat in quarantine?

Taking a healthy diet is very important, especially during quarantine. We tell you what foods it is advisable to consume.

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While being at home all day invites us to eat more, it is important to create habits so that   quarantine  does not play against the health of our body. That is why it is essential to incorporate  nutritious foods  and take advantage to leave the ultra-processed ones aside and bet on cooking a little more, now that we have time. In short:  real food .

Anxiety, stress, sedentary lifestyle and boredom are not good companions of proper nutrition, we already know. But it is important to make an effort and eat neatly during   mandatory insulation  . Eating healthy does not mean stopping eating rich things: there are many recipes for healthy food, made with real foods, which ends up being even richer than we can get in a package.

 Ultra-processed foods  and those high in fat and sugars give us a lot of calories and very few nutrients. That is, they are empty calories that do not give our body the nutrients necessary to  strengthen the immune system , something that is very important in these times.

 What should our ideal dish have?  Half  vegetables  , a quarter of  proteins  (lean meats, egg, skim dairy, legumes, among others) and a quarter of  carbohydrates  (whole grains, potato, sweet potato, among others). Moreover, of course, it is important to regulate the  quantities , especially considering that we are moving less.

And alcohol?

The million  question is alcohol yes or no?  According to specialists, this is another point you need to know about regular with special attention. If alcohol consumption is usually reserved for social meetings, because they do not have these instances, it is important that it does not extend to daily solitary consumption. If we are used to having a glass of wine per day, they do not turn into four glasses. Like everything, it is not bad to consume it as long as it is in its fair measure. It is important  not to abuse substances that can generate addiction , especially in contexts where we are most vulnerable.

So, you know: to moderate yourself in meals and drinks, to consume quality food and get a little more into the kitchen. In quarantine, and in normal life too.

Publication Date: 09/04/2020

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