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What is the best time to train?

All training schedules are suitable as long as the practice of physical exercise is achieved. Our coach Patrick Sassoli gives us some recommendations on the subject.

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 Patrick Sassoli* 

Of course there are a few reasons and fundamentals that give preference to certain  times  to train. Attention not to fall into the temptation of the search for the ideal, it is very common to miss the opportunity to effectivizize it.

When the provision of time and availability of schedules for family occupations, work or other responsibilities is compromised, it is best to adapt to the time of most likely practice of  exercise . The best schedule will be the one that allows each individual to perform the training.

What is important to take into account is the type of training and its contents according to the schedule arranged, referring to the stimulus and the functional areas that are activated and try to stimulate.


Example: if we train before bedtime, they should be less intense and relaxed activities such as  yoga , stretching, tai chi, swimming, walking, pilates etc. Referring to moderate intensity exercises, which are relaxing without overexciting the central nervous system.

What is shown by statistics is that those who do not have a pre-established schedule routine usually skip days of refugee training in a thousand excuses that violate continuity, regularity and discipline.

One way to simplify the difficulties in maintaining the regularity of exercise without skipping sessions is by creating the habit of early training. If possible at the first thing of the day, before performing any other activity. Especially on weekends.

The aspects to consider in the first hour training is that the body will be somewhat more rigid and lazy at the beginning of the activity. Both muscles, tendons and joints will be less flexible, and even somewhat sore at the beginning of activity for those suffering from conditions typical to use, injuries and advanced age. This is solved by making an adequate heat entry according to each case. The ideal is to start with walking and joint mobility and enter progressively from less to greater intensity.

It will also influence the schedule of the practice, the temperature according to latitude and seasonality in which we are.

Patrick Sassoli

Another very important aspect to capitalize on training is to have time to have breakfast. Taking caution to book a short time between breakfast and time of training, at least about 30 minutes. Which often involves getting up very early. Even the type and content of breakfast can be adapted to rapid and light digestion. Referring to a light, low-fat breakfast. Fruits and cereals easily digestible.

This scheme of early training can bring the inconvenience of a little rest, because if we had a social meeting or night out, we will have fewer hours of sleep and recovery. What usually happens is that training early avoids some overnight and excesses of intakes by imposing ourselves to bed earlier.

There are more convenient times for training from the physiological point of view. In the case of professional and Olympic athletes, they are obliged to get the best results, the main training is well early in the early morning, around 5.30 am, due to the high level of hormonal values of the body that are at the point of mayos secretion.

These high-performance athletes usually and should perform what are called double and even triple shifts. To achieve a high capacity training program. Which also forces them to train early in order to rest to nourish and retrain several times on the same day.

Patrick Sassoli



 Some direct benefits of first thing training 

  • Purer, less polluted air in big cities
  • Higher hormone levels
  • Increased energy and resources, both physical and nervous system
  • Reduced
  • traffic and social disruptions Reduced
  • risk of accidents
  • Decreased disruptions due to
  • this. iacute; technological mules and telephone calls
  • Increased mental predisposition to the working day and obligations
  • Control over the management and planning of the daily agenda
  • Release of chemicals such as endorphins
  • Elevation of serotonin (the hormone of happiness)
  • Increased vigor for the rest of the day
  • Activation of psychic and mental rewards
  • Generation of positive thoughts that will favor the actions of the rest of the day
  • Psychophysical shield anti stress
  • Contact with nature
  • ;
  • Enjoy sunrise, rain or cool in the morning
  • Possibility to incorporate a double routine or afternoon exercise shifts

Another benefit for those who compute is that usually organized sports events, such as meetings, recreational or group competitions usually take place in the early morning. This allows us to adapt the body and mind to this kind of experiential, functional and climatic experiences.

Patrick Sassoli


Seasonality conditions training schedules

Both winter and  summer  require flexibility in schedules. In areas of the tropics, we are obliged to consider training early or late because the midday heat is really dangerous to health and overwhelming.

Also the climate can determine the risk of dehydration either by heat or high humidity. The most risky is the combination of heat higher humidity, because the body uses sweating as evaporation cooling mechanisms and finding a humid environment this system becomes inefficient due to the low evaporation rate generating increased sweating as an automatic response of our body cooling system losing high fluid content in the form of sweating.

Those who train vigorously are forced to consider the preference to train in the morning, noon or early afternoon. Because a high intensity stimulus after the afternoon or night can directly affect the quality of sleep generating a hyperactivation of the nervous system, altering alertness until late at night, favoring the possible onset of insomnia.

Patrick Sassoli



 *Patrick Sassoli is a Physical Coach  

 Certified by Orthos Barcelona Spain  

 Olympic coach specialized in cycling, triathlon, marathon and endurance sports 

 Coach and Team Technician 

 Sports nutritionist 

 Founder of the first training center specialized in cycling in Latin America, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires 

 Director and Founder of Stage One Cycling School 

 Company Manager Live Biking Pro Race 

 Creator of the Insite, First Professional Method of Stationary Cycling 

 Current technician of Team Stage One Live Biking 

 Founder of the Metropolitan Cycling Association CABA 

 Founder of the Bike Park Center in CABA 

 Founding Vice President of the RWBike 

 Director of the company LIVE BIKING (Planning and Training Method in Cycling and High Performance Triathlon),  


Site :  



twitter: @Patrick_sassoli

IG: @livebikingpro

IG: @patrickcoachsassoli

Publication Date: 05/05/2021

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