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What exactly is self-esteem?

If you feel violated your self-love you can change the possibility of changing your mental perspective.

Self-esteem is not a gender issue, it is a mental issue. Every person who feels violated his self-love has the possibility to change his mental perspective to value himself.

The problem of self-esteem lies in that we identify (only) with a body, with a personality, a name and a surname. This leads us to think that we have good self-esteem when we love our “person.” And that limits us to a love that will constantly oscillate and change: when we are well we will feel valuable and when we are going through a difficult situation it will not be easy to feel safe and with good self-esteem. 

The path of self-esteem of ego is that: that of love for personality or  oneself.   A love that will change over time, with circumstances and with mood.

 Conscious esteem, however, speaks of self-love (a small word changes everything).

 Love of self refers to the Being that we are, our essence, our divinity. A big difference. 

 Love the personality or love the Being that we are? 

If we believe in the love of personality:

That quality of “personal” love (ego) is unstable, flimsy and produces insecurity. But if we decide to live from the quality of being that we are:

Conscious self-esteem has the stability of the true Being that we are and includes the personality accepting its vicissitudes thanks to a more comprehensive understanding.

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