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What does it mean to eat healthy?

To keep our body healthy, we must eat reasonably and have a balance between different nutrients.

Health and Esthetics

To keep our body healthy, we must eat reasonably (just enough) and have a balance between the different nutrients. To do this, we must eat varied (fruits, vegetables, meats etc.), and thus we will get everything that our body needs to live. Depending on our height, weight, sex, and type of physical activity we perform (walking, running, swimming etc.), we will know how much our body needs the various nutrients: Protein.nas, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals. Let's not forget about the water.To nourish ourselves we must know what to eat, we must choose vegetables, legumes, fruits, skim dairy, lean meats, and be careful with the addition of sugar and salt.When talking about eating healthily, we are talking about having a good eating habit: neither to eat excessively nor to be the whole thing. year on a diet. Remember when we talked about breakfast? Food habit is not about anything else, we must inform ourselves and know the nutritional value of what we are eating.It is important to be creative at the time of cooking, you need to use variety of foods to achieve a nutritious dish. This means that we must include in each dish foods from the five groups that exist, these are:Cereals and LegumsFruit and VegetablesMilk and its derivativesMeat and eggFats and sugarsDaily we must include foods from the five groups, in different quantities. Healthy feeding will allow children to grow and develop, allowing them to have good school performance, and for adults to face our daily lives actively. Eating healthily reduces the risk of all kinds of diseases (heart, cancer, diabetes, etc.) osteopenia, osteoporosis, stroke), in addition to avoiding risks of high pressure, elevated cholesterol, as well as decreasing obesity.We will continue the topic...

Publication Date: 16/10/2019

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By: Gabriel 24 October, 2018

Me encantó esta nota

By: laura 25 October, 2018

Gracias Lili por enseñarnos!!!

By: Martu 17 October, 2019

Equilibrio.. cuanta razón, mb nota!

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