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What are you looking for?

That is its nature - dissatisfaction. When we look for something (whatever), what we are looking for is peace. But we think it's something else...

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The mind is constantly looking for something that is missing. That is its nature - dissatisfaction. It seems  that what you have at the moment is never enough  , so constantly look at the next moment as if you are going to find there what you are looking for.

 When we look for something (whatever), what we are looking for is peace. But we think it's something else... 

If we look for a new or different job , we think that will be living in peace. When we plan a trip we also have the longing to be happier than now. When we seek to have more health,  what lies behind is a desire to get rid of the chaos that a disease entails.

When we want to have a different body, it nests the idea that we would finally have peace or happiness because we would be accepted by “ourselves.” When we want a partner relationship , we think that will bring us peace (or happiness).

When we decide to live alone, we consider that there is the key to our peace. When we look to have more money , we have a fixed idea that with him we will have peace of mind.

When we want them to love us, to admire us and listen to us, everything points only to our deep desire for peace.  Whenwe want such a thing to happenor for such another to happen, we think that our peace depends on it.  When we want to live or be otherwise or others change we think that we would thus be calm and at peace with ourselves and with the “others.”

We believe that it is the circumstances that give us peace and that false idea fills us again and again with dissatisfaction because we are looking for  where it is not possible to find...  What we seek through experiences and situations is always peace (happiness-fullness) and  peace of mind is an inner state that precedes us. to any circumstance. 

Put another way: there are no “forms of life” that can give us or take peace from us because forms are just that: the external. And because, moreover, they constantly change!

 The content of the only constant peace lies in our determination and within us, not in the situation.  

Publication Date: 26/02/2019

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