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We saved each other

Pope Francis is right. We saved each other from this. Or no one is saved... Especially in sex and love.

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“We are all in the same boat,” said  Pope Francis ; that is, we save each other. It's a very strong revelation. I was really, it wasn't glimpsed but it was. We are all together fulfilling a common purpose. Doing the same task. Wondering what do I like to do  when I can't fill my time with the usual activity and should stay at home, out of obligation and conscience?

We can imagine  different scenarios  of coexistence in this situation. The family member of marriages with children, or without children. Couples alone. Couples together Grandparents alone... We're like stranded. It never happened to us. But from this one, we save each other.

It's inevitable that we don't think how we came doing. We feel fear, uncertainty about what could happen to us.  That's good to bring out the worst or the best in us . But without giving up, we draw strength to adapt. We face adversity. We are obedient to that majority of Argentines with a general tendency to get the best out of us.

After these guesswork, at home we eat, we do less exercise, we are more still. And like strawberry in dessert, I run alcohol and lavenderine like a curtain, wash my hands and ask myself:

“What about the sex life of quarantined people?“

I watched a Spanish video, which I thought was a joke, but no. It was the testimony  of a health professional . Where it is reported that cases of  coronavirus infected patients with an active sexual life have a better course of the disease . And it comes on the side that sexual activity increases blood serotonin levels. Improves mood. Promotes immunization and prevents depression.

Whatever demotivating the situation results, we could reverse it with that saved imagination, and our Argentinean capacity for adaptation and inventiveness. Because the nice thing about this is that we save each other. Proposing to us those who are in couple, fulfill slogans and outstanding fantasies. That touch of  seasoning well before ingesting the sexual dish. 

Publication Date: 14/04/2020

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