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Water with lemon, does it really “burn” fats?

No food alone has the ability to make you lose fat or earn it.

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Agua con limon

This is another thing that I hear every day and often ask me quite regularly on the networks. “Flower, I have a glass of water with   lemon   on an empty stomach, does that help me burn fat?”. Let's start from the fact that  fat does not burn, it oxidizes . If you sweat when you go for a walk or get on a tape, you are not removing fat... you are removing LIQUID. Fat does not sweat or burn. With adequate exercise time and intensity, fatty acids are mobilized and begin to be transported to the muscle, then to the mitochondria and finally are oxidized to be used as energy,  fat is oxidized and released as energy. 

Now, back to the point, does water oxidize fat with lemon?

Dear Argentines, the truth is that  no food alone has the ability to make you lose fat or earn it, it is the excess calories a day that makes the difference. But drinking water with lemon does have its benefits, which could have water and lemon separately but together they are delicious! I turn to tell you, lemon has an alkalinizing power that neutralizes the acid PH of the blood, this helps to get rid of toxins and waste products of our organism (If our PH, Hydrogen Potential, is not slightly alkaline, and it is acidic, the blood loses the ability to nourish and remove waste.oacute; xicos). Also  vitamin C in  lemon improves the immune system by keeping us protected against viruses (although this is also quite controversial, because while it may help to reduce the period of a cold, it also doesn't prevent you from contracting it) the chances that this may be happens varies from person to person. Well, let's go, this vitamin also promotes the natural creation of collagen in our body, improving the appearance of the skin, preventing sagging, among other improvements. It also helps digestion, so always when I eat something not very nutritious on weekends I always accompany it with a lemonade, which also satiates me and brings out the anxiety of sugary drinks. I prepare it by squeezing two lemons, pour the juice into my liter jar with fresh water and use slices of a lemon that I already have cut in the fridge that I usually use to add to salads, and leave them inside the jar along with some mint leaves.

A few more words

With this information, don't go running to the vegetable shop to buy you 3 kg of lemon, it's good, yes, but as I always tell my advisers, if you ONLY rely on water with lemon, but you don't have a meal routine or an armed and planned nutrition plan especially for you and your objectives, if you do not exercise, if your diet is based on refined flours (pizzas, empanadas, milanese, bills, bread) fried, alcohol, cold meats... do not expect water with lemon to work miracles, because they do not exist, not in this category. Here we have to make effort and take care of the body so that it responds, not expect magically liquefied or  detox juices  to “clean” us of all the garbage we eat daily. Short but firm steps. Be sure to give them, when you start with good habits you won't stop anyone! Motivate.

Publication Date: 13/04/2019

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